Interactive Online App for Voting Rights

<p>In the last year, there has been a nationwide assault on the American citizen’s right to vote. Aside from the unnecessary, expensive, and ineffective new voter ID laws, there has also been targeted purges of eligible, registered voters from state rolls. Little has been done to educate the public about these actions. As a result, there are thousands of eligible voters are at risk of being turned away on Election Day.</p>
<p>These voting law changes have created unnecessary obstacles for many American citizens. In order to help navigate the changes, we are releasing a new voter registration app. This tool will allow anyone to check the status of their registration, learn about any new requirements, and provide all the information needed to successfully register in their state or territory.</p>
<p><b>Click the image to launch the app to learn detailed information on voting registration and requirements in any of the 50 states and 6 territories:</b></p>
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<p>To embed the image/app on another website, copy and paste the code from the box below. The image is auto-adjustable width in order to fit well on most webpage locations.</p>
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