National Journal: Poll Finds Voters Wary of Congressional GOP

Wanted to be sure you saw this United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection poll out today showing Americans are “losing faith” in the GOP Do-Nothing Congress. After a year in the majority, Republicans still have not put forward a comprehensive jobs plan or taken meaningful action to address the deficit. It’s clear Republicans have fallen short on their promises and the American people have taken note:

Americans are losing faith in congressional Republicans, according to a new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll… More voters polled say they would rather see Obama reelected over a Republican opponent—and Democrats win control of the House of Representatives—in November.”

“On the central issues before Congress this year and voters this November, Obama has moved ahead of Republican legislators over the past four months, according to the poll. Asked to choose whom they trusted more between Obama and congressional Republicans ‘to develop solutions to the country’s economic challenges,’ 41 percent preferred Obama and 29 percent picked the Hill GOP.”

Americans have also shifted on whom they trust more ‘to make the right decisions about how to reduce the federal budget deficit,’ with 42 percent backing Obama and 33 percent picking congressional Republicans.”