July 13, 2017Press Item
The amendment to the defense authorization bill offered by Rep. Hartzler and made in order today by the Rules Committee not only tells transgender Americans that they are not welcome in our military but also disparages all who serve and wish to serve under our flag.
July 12, 2017Press Item
Nearly three months after their deadline to complete action on a budget, House Republicans have yet to even propose their budget resolution. 
July 12, 2017Press Item
I support the extension of the review period for easing sanctions on the Sudanese government, which has yet to demonstrate fully that humanitarian aid can reach the parts of the country that need it most and that those delivering the aid can do so safely. 
July 12, 2017Press Item
I want to thank a group of Democratic House Members for putting forward ideas to improve the Affordable Care Act. 
July 11, 2017Press Item
I’m continuing to have conversations with my Republican colleagues regarding the Russia sanctions bill. 
July 10, 2017Press Item
It has been more than three weeks since the Senate, by a vote of 98-2, passed a bipartisan bill imposing tough new sanctions on Russia for its interference in our election.  
July 7, 2017Press Item
With the Labor Department's report today that only 187,000 private sector jobs were added last month, the slowest June in four years, it is clear that our focus ought to be on ensuring that the momentum inherited from the Obama Administration isn't squandered.
July 4, 2017Press Item
If reports that North Korea has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile are true, it highlights the serious and ongoing threat that North Korea poses to the United States and our allies. 
July 1, 2017Press Item
It is outrageous that the Trump Administration would issue a delay in allowing transgender Americans to serve openly in our military without providing any evidence to support such a decision.
June 30, 2017Press Item
Today, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) announced the launch of a new website,, which features interviews that House Democrats have conducted with Americans about how TrumpCare will impact them and their families.
June 30, 2017Press Item
This week, Senate Republicans delayed a vote on their TrumpCare bill, but delay is not enough. 
June 29, 2017Press Item
The Appropriations Committee’s proposal to terminate the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is reckless and irresponsible. 
June 29, 2017Press Item
Today’s Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Senate TrumpCare bill provides even further reason why it should be abandoned. 
June 29, 2017Press Item
Today’s report on our nation’s fiscal and economic outlook by the Congressional Budget Office ought to raise serious alarms.  
June 29, 2017Press Item
I am disappointed that House Republicans passed legislation today that will make it harder for law enforcement to keep our communities safe. 
June 29, 2017Press Item
President Trump's tweets this morning were disgusting and inappropriate, and they continue his pattern of vile speech demeaning others. 
June 28, 2017Press Item
Today, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) released two new videos in House Democrats’ “TrumpCare Stories: Americans Talk to Congress About Health Care” video series.