December 16, 2009Press Item
As the battle over health care lurches toward a conclusion, President Obama is confronting an increasingly sharp divide on the Democratic left, with liberals in the Senate and the House split on a critical question: How much of what they want is enough?
December 15, 2009Press Item
Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Tuesday the House can pass a healthcare bill without a public option.
December 16, 2009Press Item
The House of Representatives on Wednesday narrowly voted to raise the nation's debt limit by $290 billion, enough to cover the government's financing needs for another two months.
December 12, 2009Press Item
House Democrats are readying a package of bills for next week that will likely include a significant increase in the federal debt ceiling and tens of billions of dollars for job creation, hoping to clear the decks of two key issues before Congress adjourns for the year.
December 7, 2009Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) laced into Congressional Republicans on Monday for what he called their “deep irresponsibility” in pursuing a strategy that banks on the country’s failure.
December 9, 2009Press Item
House and Senate leaders finalized language Tuesday that gives more than 2,000 General Motors and Chrysler dealers a process to fight their closings.
December 9, 2009Press Item
After dozens of congressional hearings in the wake of the U.S. financial system collapse, the U.S. House of Representatives has begun to begin debate on major legislation supported by President Barack Obama designed to overhaul the financial system and provide more security for and boost the confidence of investors through tighter regulation.
December 10, 2009Press Item
On Monday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer delivered a startling speech on the obstructionism of minority Republicans and the dangers that poses to Congress and the country.
December 11, 2009Press Item
The House approved legislation on Thursday that would grant Chrysler and General Motors dealerships the right to challenge the companies’ decisions to close them in third-party arbitration.
December 8, 2009Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer on Monday said Republicans have failed the test of leadership by refusing to come to the table on the big issues facing the country, offering a preview of a line of attack in next year's campaigns.
January 27, 2010Press Item
House Democratic leaders believe they can muster the votes to pass the Senate healthcare overhaul bill through the House if changes were made to the measure...
January 27, 2010Press Item
Tonight, President Obama spoke about the reality of these hard times, as well as the determination and optimism that have helped America overcome hardship in the past--the same qualities that are essential to our recovery today.
January 27, 2010Press Item
Tonight,President Obama delivered his first State of the Union Address.
December 3, 2009Press Item
House Democrats will hinge their entire 2010 legislative agenda on creating jobs and reducing the deficit to avoid significant mid-term losses.
December 4, 2009Press Item
When President Obama took office, he inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
January 27, 2010The Nightly Whip
Considered and Passed: H.R. 4474 - Idaho Wilderness Water Facilities Act, H.R. 3726 - Castle Nugent National Historic Site Establishment Act of 2010. Bills Adopted Under Suspension of the Rules (3)
January 27, 2010Press Item
Republican claims on fiscal discipline go against their record of not paying for things and increasing spending, as well as implementing economic policies that helped create the deepest recession in generations.
January 26, 2010Press Item
Below are a few examples of how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is working to save and create jobs for Americans across the country.
January 26, 2010The Daily Whip
Suspensions, H.R. 4474 - Idaho Wilderness Water Facilities Act, H.R. 3726 - Castle Nugent National Historic Site Establishment Act of 2010
January 26, 2010Press Item
In October 2008, Democrats worked with the Bush Administration in a good faith effort to pass legislation to prevent the economy from collapsing into a depression.
January 26, 2010Press Item
I am very pleased that General Motors has decided not to challenge the binding arbitration process for terminated dealers.
January 26, 2010Press Item
It’s unfortunate that a majority of Senate Republicans chose to block an attempt today to create a bipartisan fiscal commission that would set a long-term path to a balanced budget.
January 25, 2010Press Item
It was with real sadness that I learned today of the death of Senator Charles ‘Mac’ Mathias.