February 27, 2010Press Item
Seeing no prospect of a bipartisan agreement on health care, Congressional Democrats said Friday that they would make another effort to pass sweeping health care legislation on their own.
February 12, 2010Press Item
House Democratic leaders sent mixed signals Friday on a new jobs bill supported by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and a senior Republican senator predicted his party will block action on the Senate floor.
February 16, 2010Press Item
House Democrats were eyeing the history books in November when they voted for a sweeping health care overhaul that carried the name of the chamber’s longest-serving member, Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.).
February 22, 2010Press Item
President Obama made it clear Monday morning that he intends to make a final push for a comprehensive overhaul of the nation's health-care and insurance system, offering a new health-care plan that largely embraces the approach already taken by the U.S. Senate.
February 5, 2010Press Item
House Minority Leader John Boehner on Friday rebuffed a request from the Obama administration to work with Democrats to rein in soaring budget deficits, aides said.
February 8, 2010Press Item
President Barack Obama, seeking to give new momentum to his languishing health-care legislation, said he would sit down with Republican and Democratic lawmakers to exchange ideas on an issue that has deeply divided the parties.
February 10, 2010Press Item
President Obama brought Republicans to the negotiating table on Tuesday, hoping to stem a steady deterioration in relations between the two parties that has brought business in Washington to a standstill, left the Democratic agenda in tatters and angered voters who are eager to have lawmakers address their concerns.
February 3, 2010Press Item
Moderate House Democrats may be able to vote Thursday for the statutory pay-as-you-go budget enforcement tool they have long sought without having to vote directly on an accompanying $1.9 trillion debt limit increase.
February 4, 2010Press Item
President Obama urged congressional Democrats on Wednesday "to finish the job on health care," but amid tentative signs of bipartisan outreach on Capitol Hill, he suggested that Republicans could be enlisted to play at least some role in negotiating a final bill.
February 3, 2010Press Item
House and Senate Democratic leaders will huddle with President Barack Obama on Thursday morning to discuss the administration’s legislative agenda.
February 5, 2010Press Item
Congress agreed Thursday to revive the pay-as-you-go budget rules that helped wipe out massive deficits and balance the budget during the Clinton administration, although the new version includes a long list of exceptions that would permit Democrats to add at least $1.5 trillion to the nation's tab over the next decade.
February 2, 2010Press Item
House and Senate leaders said separately Tuesday that they hope to find a way to revive a health-care overhaul bill, even though the situation looks bleak with the recent loss of the Senate's filibuster-proof majority.
February 2, 2010Press Item
Everyday, our children are accumulating debt and interest they'll spend their lives paying off, curtailing their ability to meet challenges and invest in the future.
March 9, 2010Press Item
My fellow Roll Call columnist Norman Ornstein was one of the authors of a truly excellent chart on reconciliation that appeared in the New York Times on Sunday.
March 9, 2010Press Item
Democrats are continuing to move forward on health reform that will make insurance more affordable for American families and businesses and give patients – not insurance companies – greater control over their health care.
February 2, 2010Press Item
As President Obama announced his $3.8 trillion spending plan on Monday, Republicans savaged it as a recipe for fiscal disaster, while Democrats defended the call to drive record deficits even higher to finance measures aimed at putting people back to work.
February 2, 2010Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, (D., Md.) said the U.S. House will take up a bill Thursday to increase the federal government's borrowing limit by $1.9 trillion, enough to enable the Treasury to pay its bills through 2010.
March 9, 2010Press Item
Many people are worried that the health-care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats will fail to bend the
March 5, 2010Press Item
I am pleased to hear that General Motors is giving more than 600 auto dealers the chance to quickly restore dealerships that were closed in the company’s restructuring.
March 5, 2010Press Item
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the nation's leading health insurers Thursday to justify publicly a spate of double-digit premium hikes that have infuriated consumers in at least half a dozen states...
March 5, 2010The Weekly Whip
Suspensions, H.Con.Res. 248 - Afghanistan War Powers Resolution,H.Res. 1031 - Impeaching G. Thomas Porteous, Jr., judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, for high crimes and misdemeanors
March 8, 2010Press Item
With the fate of his signature legislative initiative far from certain, President Barack Obama is taking his last-ditch push for health care reform on the road...
March 5, 2010Press Item
Today, the Department of Labor released the unemployment report for February showing that while economic conditions are improving, Americans are still losing jobs, a reminder that we have a long way to go to get where we want to be.