April 14, 2010Press Item
Fiscal responsibility is a top priority of this Democratic Congress, and a bipartisan group of Members unveiled a measure today, the IMPROVE Acquisition Act, that will build on our efforts to return our nation to a sustainable fiscal path.
April 14, 2010Press Item
This year, Democrats enacted legislation that returned more money to American families and businesses.
April 13, 2010Press Item
The Nuclear Security Summit that concluded today brought the world together to fight a shared enemy, one that was not sufficiently addressed under years of Republican leadership.
April 13, 2010The Nightly Whip
5 Bills Adopted Under Suspension of the Rules
April 12, 2010Press Item
This year, millions of American families will notice lower taxes and larger tax refunds as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed into law last year.
April 8, 2010Press Item
Filing in to a caucus meeting in the middle of March in the Capitol Visitors Center, skittish House Democrats were just a few fragile days away from passing an historic health care overhaul, but leadership had yet to round up the necessary votes. Nervous members watched each other to see who would jump first.
April 9, 2010Press Item
The jobs report for March was the latest sign that that our economy is turning around and showing signs of improvement as a result of the Recovery Act and other actions taken by Democrats to get Americans back to work and build a sustainable economic recovery.
April 9, 2010Press Item
According to a survey of nationwide retailers, March posted the best monthly sales performance in a decade, “offering bold new evidence that a strong economic recovery could be ahead.… Of the 28 retailers whose results were tallied by Thomson Reuters, 92% beat sales expectations.
April 9, 2010Press Item
Congressman Bart Stupak has been a valued member of the Democratic caucus, representing northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula for nearly two decades.
April 8, 2010Press Item
Today, President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed the new START Treaty.
March 31, 2010Press Item
Today’s announcement promotes a balanced approach on energy that will create jobs and strengthen our national security as we move away from foreign sources of oil.
April 2, 2010Press Item
Today's news that our economy added 162,000 jobs is an important sign that the economy is turning around after many months of job losses.
April 2, 2010Press Item
According to today’s report from the Department of Labor, the U.S. economy added 162,000 jobs, the largest one-month gain in 3 years.
April 2, 2010Press Item
The Department of Labort released the March jobs report, showing 162,000 jobs added to the economy in March – the largest one month increase in three years.
April 8, 2010Press Item
Today’s signing of the new START Treaty will strengthen the security of our nation, and our world.
March 30, 2010Press Item
ICYMI, wanted to make sure you saw today’s story in the New York Times about how health care reform will lower costs for women by forbidding gender discrimination in health insurance.
March 25, 2010Press Item
Tonight, the House voted to send the final piece of health care reform to the President.
March 26, 2010Press Item
The Commerce Department reported that economic recovery continues with a rise in business orders for equipment.