April 27, 2010Press Item
For the second day in a row, Senate Republicans blocked debate on financial reform legislation in the U.S. Senate.
April 27, 2010Press Item
During the 12 years that Republicans controlled Congress, they turned record surpluses into the worst deficits in American history.
April 27, 2010Press Item
ICYMI, wanted to make sure you saw today’s story in USA Today about how throughout America, the economy is creating jobs and showing other positive signs of recovery.
April 27, 2010Press Item
For a second day, Senate Republicans have once again chosen to protect the interests of Wall Street over the interests of families on Main Street.
April 27, 2010The Nightly Whip
13 Bills Adopted Under Suspension of the Rules, 1 Postponed Suspension Vote
April 27, 2010The Daily Whip
H.R. 5013 - IMPROVE Acquisition Act of 2010, Suspensions
April 23, 2010Press Item
The Commerce Department reported that sales of new homes surged 27 percent in March, soaring past economists’ expectations as government incentives boosted sales.
April 23, 2010The Weekly Whip
Suspensions, H.R. 2499 - Puerto Rico Democracy Act, H.R. 5013 - IMPROVE Acquisition Act of 2010
April 26, 2010Press Item
I am extremely disappointed that Republicans have once again blocked progress for middle-class Americans.
April 22, 2010Press Item
Today, President Obama delivered a speech on the need for Wall Street reform.
April 21, 2010The Daily Whip
Motion to Go to Conference on H.R. 2194 - Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act, Dispose of H.Res. __ - Raising a question of privileges of the House
April 22, 2010Press Item
This Democratic Congress has consistently made fiscal responsibility a top priority, by restoring statutory PAYGO and working with the President on a bipartisan fiscal commission to reduce the deficit.
April 22, 2010Press Item
For 40 years, Earth Day has challenged Americans to exercise responsible stewardship over the natural environment.
April 22, 2010Press Item
Since taking office, Democrats have fought for the middle class and working families as we have worked to turn the economy around from the deep recession and financial crisis left behind by the Bush Administration.
April 21, 2010Press Item
Majority Leader Hoyer, through both his words and actions, has always made it clear that the bipartisan Ethics Committee should take all appropriate action regarding the allegations against former-Rep. Massa.
April 20, 2010Press Item
Today Vice President Biden gave a speech at the Brookings Institution where he reminded everyone that the choices that are made can have a long effect on our economy down the road.
April 20, 2010Press Item
We are gathered here in honor of the Boys and Girls Clubs, its extraordinary work—and in honor of the irreplaceable Tim Russert.
April 20, 2010The Nightly Whip
4 Bills Adopted Under Suspension of the Rules, 1 Postponed Suspension Vote