July 20, 2010Press Item
I am extremely disappointed that Senate Republicans continue to stand against middle class families who lost jobs through no fault of their own, even as they fight for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
July 19, 2010Press Item
Nearly 2.5 million out-of-work Americans are without unemployment insurance today.
July 16, 2010Press Item
The Treasury Department reported that businesses have hired 4.5 million workers under a new program enacted as part of the HIRE Act, that provides tax breaks for hiring unemployed workers.
July 16, 2010The Weekly Whip
Suspensions, H.R. 1264 - Multiple Peril Insurance Act, Further Action on H.R. 4213 - Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act
July 15, 2010Press Item
Throughout this Congress, Democrats have passed legislation to help bring the deficit down and set a path toward long-term fiscal balance, including a budget enforcement resolution, PAYGO, and additional measures to address waste, fraud and abuse – almost entirely without Republican support.
July 15, 2010Press Item
Today's passage of Wall Street reform is another step Democrats are taking to strengthen our economy, create jobs, and give consumers more control.
July 14, 2010Press Item
Hoyer has hired James Leuschen as Senior Policy Advisor, replacing Ed Lorenzen, who will be joining the Peter G. Peterson Foundation as a Senior Policy Advisor to the CEO. In addition, Hoyer also announced the promotion of Shuwanza Goff to Floor Aide.
July 14, 2010Press Item
Today's report from the White House Council of Economic Advisors is further evidence that the Recovery Act is working to create jobs.
July 14, 2010Press Item
Today, the White House Council of Economic Advisers released its quarterly report on the impact of the Recovery Act, finding that the legislation has saved or created as many as 3.6 million jobs thus far.
July 14, 2010Press Item
Today's announcement by the Obama Administration means that, next year, as many as 41 million Americans will be able to access recommended preventive services through their health insurance plans, without being charged a deductible, copayment, or coinsurance.
July 14, 2010The Daily Whip
H.R. 5114 - Flood Insurance Reform Priorities Act of 2010
July 13, 2010Press Item
David S. Broder's explanation of the House's one-year budget enforcement resolution, and of our nation's fiscal challenge, was at best superficial and at worst misleading ["A dereliction of fiscal duty," op-ed, July 8].
July 13, 2010Press Item
Beginning today, all House Democratic staff will have access to regular updates on what's happening on the House Floor through the