September 17, 2008
There are two sides the investment side is not in good shape obviously. We just saw Lehman Brothers go down $650, clearly the consequences of a failure would be substantial. Secretary paulson was reflecting the fact that going further and putting the taxpayer at continued risk on bailing out companies that frankly have taken risks that were unjustified, is not necessarily the policy of what we continue to pursue, particularly when the federal government itself is so deep in debt.
September 15, 2008
A web video compiling Democratic members taking the facts of Republican failure to the floor of the House...
September 11, 2008
We know what words 9/11's victims left the world with. not words of vengeance or anger or even explanation, but invarleeable words of love -- invariablely words of love. we remember them today and we say in the words of the song of songs...
September 11, 2008
We believe that looking at all energy sources, particularly at renewables -- alternative energy resources which are important for our future, and utilizing the resources we have now in the short term, not only gas and oil products but also a natural gas and wind and solar.
September 9, 2008
We believe that the second stimulus package is warranted and necessary, and we are considering the components of that, and certainly, we're worried about people running out of their unemployment insurance. We're worried about people who are going to be faced with heating bills that they can't afford.

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