January 6, 2009
I do believe there is a commitment to come together to pass this. There will be a very substantial tax component to the relief to working americans, to get additional dollars in their paychecks starting now. We think that will have a very positive effect.
January 6, 2009
The first one was more of a rebate payment, simply a payment to people on a lump sum basis. This will be a actual tax cut where workers will experience throughout the year and take place immediately upon signature by the President.
January 4, 2009
All of those are objectives we'd like to attain. We've all talked about this, this is not a bill for special interest earmarks or add-ons, this is a bill to try to create jobs, quickly, and to invest for long term economic development and recovery. And so this is both a recovery package and investment package for the future...
December 12, 2008
We believe there is an ongoing financial crisis. We believe we need to be ready to respond to that, and my view on that is the Congress is available. As you know there's another $350 billion that has not been authorized yet. The Administration has not asked for that yet...
December 10, 2008
This time of economic crisis as America is challenged, as economists tell us we are facing the worst recession since the great depression, I want to say to Barney Frank, the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, nobody has worked harder over the last 12 months on trying with Secretary Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Chris Dodd, Spencer Bachus, others in the Senate and the House to try to address this issue in a responsible, effective way...

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