March 18, 2009
I can't believe these guys or gals who got these bonuses from AIG, a failed company that had been very successful but was run into the ground by a lot of people would take these bonuses given the circumstances that exist. They ought to realize the American public are rightfully outraged, Congress is outraged.
March 17, 2009
I cannot believe that the AIG executives who are getting this bonus money do not realize how dysfunctional they look, how greedy they look, and how insensitive they look. Having the American taxpayer pony up billions of dollars, but nonetheless, they have the temerity to take these bonuses...
March 13, 2009
Inaction, everybody agreed, was not an option...if I said everybody, perhaps I overstated the case, but more importantly, most of America in polling data said, we needed to act...
February 26, 2009
President Obama said was he was going to submit an honest budget and says this is a much more reasonable and honest budget that includes the cost of the war which we're not including previously, the cost of adjusting the minimum tax. I think it realistically puts forward a plan to get us to halve the budget deficit by the end of President Obama's first term.
February 26, 2009
The President was pretty clear in his speech Tuesday night that, you know, we're not going to tolerate giving money to people who waste it. We're not going to tolerate giving money to people that use it on themselves. The taxpayers have been very generous and focused on trying to stabilize the economy which meant helping our financial institutions.

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