August 1, 2011

"First of all, debt default is not an option. We all understand that and the sad news is we are so late getting to that agreement. The other sad news is we’ve missed a wonderful opportunity to make what John Boehner said he wanted and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the big deal, the President said he wanted consistent with the Bowles-Simpson or Domenicirecommendations, all of the bipartisan proposal have said we ought to reach a big deal balanced between spending cuts and revenues. We haven't done that so yes there are things to be unhappy about.

August 1, 2011

...First of all, let me say that you said that the President gets the debt limit extended. Very frankly, that wasn't a gift to the President. That was a give to America's credit worthiness and image around the world. But the way we're going to get there is nobody that is responsible in the House of Representatives or the United States Senate believes that default is an option. Given that, it was necessary and is necessary for us to come together and to reach an agreement...

August 1, 2011

...I think we missed a wonderful opportunity to make what almost all Democratic leaders wanted, a big deal. Consistent with the gang of six and others recommended to get this on a long-term path...

July 30, 2011

Yesterday we learned that investors in American stocks lost more than $400 billion over the past week, since Speaker Boehner said he could not compromise with President Obama. Republicans have not moved a single centimeter towards compromise with our side of the aisle--not a single centimeter. But the people aren't looking to us for what we can stop. They're looking to us for what we can do--what we can do to make our country healed at this point in time.

July 29, 2011's not a fair observation to say the Democrats have not put something on table that, in fact, is a very, very substantial step towards the republicans to try to solve this crisis. But the Republicans have said no they can not say yes to their own proposal. The 2.2 trillion, dollar for dollar increase in the debt, increase in spending...

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