June 1, 2012

I think [the Republican summer agenda] is spin but I don’t think it’s substantive. I don't think it really addresses the issues that are critical to the economy.”

May 17, 2012

John Lewis was our lead sponsor on this particular piece of legislation, joined by a lot of people on our side of the aisle representing majority and minority groups. What John Lewis was saying was: look, in America we ought to facilitate, encourage, and make easier voting. Not doing what is happening in so many states, Al, trying to make voting more difficult to do. We want to modernize registration and have a responsibility of the state and local subdivision to make sure voters on are the registration rolls and included. That people with disabilities have access to the polls.

May 17, 2012

I thank my friend from Massachusetts for yielding, the acting Ranking Member of the Rules Committee right now, who is a distinguished member of this body. I rise in deep disappointment at the treatment he was accorded last night. Unworthy of this body, unworthy of the Rules Committee and unworthy of the character and integrity of the Gentleman from Massachusetts. I'm pleased there has been an apology for that. But I did not want it to go unmentioned. This body is better than that, although at times it is not. And we all lament the fact when it is not.

May 16, 2012

I rise in sadness, Madam Speaker. I was a co-sponsor of the original Violence Against Women Act in 1994. We passed a bill that has helped law enforcement reduce domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. While great progress has been made, unfortunately one in three women is the victim of domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault.  That's a perfect example of why we need to work together in a bipartisan fashion to re-authorize and strength the Violence Against Women Act.

May 15, 2012

I thank the Gentleman from California for yielding and for his leadership on this issue.  Rep. Howard Berman has been the leader in Congress when it comes to reminding us how important it is to prevent the rise of a nuclear Iran. He has been instrumental in securing funding for the deployment of the “Iron Dome” anti-missile system to counter the threat from Iranian-supplied short-range rockets in the hands of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

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