November 1, 2011

"They have the nerve to claim that their voter I.D. laws will protect elections that are allegedly riddled by fraud, but they're really trying to fix a problem that does not exist."

November 1, 2011

Mr. Speaker, we are a year away from an election – one that will shape the course of our nation for several years ahead. The choice we make will be pivotal, and in order to make certain that it reflects the direction our people want to take, we ought to do everything we can to ensure that all who have the right to cast a ballot can do so. Equal access to the ballot is the most fundamental right we all have as Americans. It is what preserves our democracy and instills confidence in our system of government.

October 13, 2011

"We cannot afford to place the burden of deficit reduction only on the backs of working families and certainly not on the most vulnerable in our country. "

October 6, 2011

Press conference of the unveiling of the Make It In America documentary.

October 5, 2011

...give the american public, the american people a chance to have a jobs bill considered on this floor to give them hope and opportunity...

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