December 1, 2011

"Should Congress fail to act, millions of Americans who rely on emergency unemployment compensation will begin to see their payments disappear starting in January. 2.1 million of our fellow Americans will have lost their benefits by the middle of February, and over six million by the end of 2012."

November 30, 2011

“There is no more important piece of legislation that we need to pass than the extension of unemployment insurance benefits."

November 30, 2011

"This bill before us won't do anything to help the economy or create jobs, and it places obstacles in front of workers seeking to exercise their right to organize."

November 30, 2011

"Gabe Zimmerman was the first congressional staffer in history to lose his life in the line of duty.   In the 222 year history of the House of Representatives, he lost his life defending democracy..."

November 17, 2011

In 1995 I spoke on the Floor in support of a balanced budget amendment. That was 16 years ago. There's a lot of water over the bridge since that time. I said then “I do so because I believe that this country confronts a critical threat caused by the continuation of large annual deficits. I believe that then. And I believe it now.

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