June 10, 2008Press Item
Forty five years ago today, President Kennedy signed into law the landmark Equal Pay Act. It was a law founded on a powerful principle: that the value of work lies in a job well done, not in the gender of the worker.
June 10, 2008The Daily Whip
H.R. 6003 - Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008, Suspensions,
June 11, 2008Press Item
Mr. Speaker, for the last seven and one-half years, the President and members of his Administration have claimed that the American economy is doing just fine.
June 6, 2008Press Item
Iraq/Afghanistan Supplemental Appropriations bill, Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008, Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2008 and Suspensions
June 4, 2008The Daily Whip
Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network Continuing Authorization Act, Budget Conference Report
June 5, 2008Press Item
This is the first budget adopted in an election year since 2000. And, it is a signal accomplishment of this Congress and a demonstration of our ability to govern effectively.
June 5, 2007Press Item
Congratulate john sarbanes, to say how proud we are, as i know he is as well, of the extraordinary service given to our state by his father, senator paul sarbanes, the original author of this legislation, and to thank him for carrying this torch forward on behalf of the resource that is priceless...
June 5, 2008Press Item
On Thursday the House adopted a budget conference report for the first time in an election year since 2000.
June 6, 2008Press Item
It is increasingly clear that the only people who believe the Bush Administration’s policies are working are the cheerleaders who reside and work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
June 6, 2008Press Item
The Democratic 2008 budget turns away from the Bush Administration's failed policies that have created record deficits and debt, instead focusing on restoring fiscal responsibility...
June 4, 2008Press Item
On Thursday the House will take up the budget conference report, the first time it will be passed in an election year since 2000.
May 23, 2008Press Item
“As we observe the Memorial Day holiday, let us be reminded of the simple, yet apt words of Elmer Davis, Director of the U.S. Office of War Information during WWII: ‘This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.’...
May 30, 2008The Weekly Whip
Suspensions, 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act, Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network Continuing Authorization Act, Concurrent Budget Resolution for 2009, Possible Iraq/Afghanistan Supplemental Appropriations bill
June 2, 2008Press Item
The Administration’s focus today on tax cuts that are not due to expire for another two years shows again how they are out of touch with Americans' daily struggle to deal with the consequences of the President’s failed economic program – anemic job growth, decreasing household incomes, exploding costs of gas, food, health care and college, record foreclosure rates, and rising poverty.
June 3, 2008The Daily Whip
21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act and Suspensions.
May 22, 2008Press Item
Our intelligence community has the tools it needs to keep America safe, and we are absolutely committed to ensuring that this remains the case.
May 21, 2008Press Item
Mr. Speaker, I first want to commend Chairman Charlie Rangel and all of the Members of the Ways and Means Committee for their hard work on this very important, far-sighted legislation – the ‘Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act.’
May 21, 2008Press Item
For the first six years of the 21st Century, President Bush and Republican Congresses relied on a 20th Century energy policy that failed to reduce America’s energy independence or address rising gas prices.
May 21, 2008Press Item
Today the House overwhelmingly rejected the President’s misguided veto of the Farm Bill.
May 21, 2008Press Item
Farm Bill, Defense Authorization Bill.
May 20, 2008Press Item
The cost of gas has now climbed to $3.79 per gallon, and oil has hit a record of $129 per barrel.
May 20, 2008The Daily Whip
The Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008, Concurrent Budget Resolution for 2009, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009, Possible Vote to Override the President’s Veto of H.R. 2419 - Food and Energy Security Act of 2007