Issue Reports

April 12, 2016
On Monday, Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer introduced H.R. 4897, the Information Technology Modernization Act, legislation that was sent to Congress by the White House on Friday, April 8. 
March 22, 2016
Last week, President Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Despite being well-qualified and highly regarded within the legal community, Senate Republicans have refused to hold a confirmation hearing or an up-or-down vote on Judge Garland. In fact, they won’t even meet with him.  
March 15, 2016
Last month, Speaker Paul Ryan announced the formation of the House Republican Task Force on Poverty, three years after Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and Congresswoman Barbara Lee formed the Democratic Whip Task Force on Poverty, Income Inequality, and Opportunity. 
March 14, 2016
This week, Speaker Ryan continues to struggle with deep divisions in his party over a path forward on a budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2017. 
March 1, 2016
For years, Republicans have consistently said that Congress has a fundamental responsibility to pass a budget.
February 23, 2016
Speaker Paul Ryan has made passing a Fiscal Year 2017 Budget a top priority, calling on Members of his party to unify around a budget resolution. But so far, he hasn’t had much success. 
February 9, 2016
Today, President Obama unveiled his budget for Fiscal Year 2017, which reduces the deficit and puts debt on a sustainable path while laying out a vision for how we can give every American a fair shot at economic security; accelerate American innovation; and keep Americans safe.
February 2, 2016
Today is Groundhog Day, and House Republicans are once again wasting time and taxpayer dollars on political messaging bills that are going nowhere.
January 12, 2016
As President Obama prepares to deliver his last State of the Union address, here’s a look at the progress we have made over the past seven years:
January 5, 2016
As we begin the second session of the 114th Congress, there are a number of critical issues the American people expect to see Congress address.
December 15, 2015
As 2015 comes to a close, take a by-the-numbers look at another year in the Republican-led Do-Nothing-Congress:
December 2, 2015
Today the House will consider the Every Student Succeeds Act Conference Report, which reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. 
November 3, 2015
For the past five years, the House has been governed by a deeply divided and dysfunctional Republican Party. 
October 26, 2015
Today, Members in the House will begin the process of forcing a vote to reopen the Export-Import Bank after House Republicans shut it down this summer, putting thousands of U.S. jobs and America’s economic competitiveness at risk.
October 21, 2015
Last week, the Treasury Department announced that extraordinary measures employed to avoid a default on our debt will be exhausted on November 3, but instead of taking action to ensure America pays its bills, House Republicans are bringing an irresponsible bill to the Floor that plans for a default by paying foreign bondholders before other obligations.
October 6, 2015
Last week, the Treasury Department notified Congress that extraordinary measures to prevent a default will be exhausted on November 5. 
September 23, 2015
Take a look at what Republicans’ shutdown of the Bank means for U.S. companies in the Northeast and their ability to create jobs, sell their products, and compete in the global marketplace:
September 23, 2015
With just five legislative days left before the end of the fiscal year, the pressure continues to mount for Republicans to govern responsibly and work with Democrats to keep the government open and begin negotiations on a budget agreement to replace sequester level spending cuts on defense and non-defense priorities.
September 21, 2015
By shutting down the Export-Import Bank and unilaterally disarming businesses here at home, House Republicans are putting American business at a disadvantage to global competitors and threatening U.S. job growth.
September 18, 2015
Take a look at what Republicans’ shutdown of the Bank means for U.S. companies in the West and their ability to create jobs here at home and sell their products overseas.
September 17, 2015
Take a look at what Republicans’ shutdown of the Bank means for U.S. companies in the South and their ability to create jobs, sell their products, compete in the global marketplace, and strengthen the economy:
September 16, 2015
Almost two years ago, House Republicans’ manufactured crisis over funding the government resulted in a sixteen-day government shutdown.