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April 4, 2017Press Item
Congress has just seven legislative days to fund the government before the current continuing resolution expires on April 28.
March 30, 2017Press Item
Americans are sick and tired of the blatant partisanship that too often puts party ahead of commonsense governing. 
March 29, 2017Press Item
[President Trump] looked at the American people in the eye, when he talked to the Joint Session of Congress, and said I want to assure you that I’m going to cover everybody with insurance.
March 29, 2017Press Item
Today, House Judiciary Committee Republicans blocked resolutions of inquiry from coming to the Floor that would have shed light on connections between President Trump, his advisors, and Russia's efforts to undermine our election. 
March 28, 2017Press Item
Rep. Bill Pascrell's resolution of inquiry seeks to provide a means for the American people to find much-sought and much-deserved answers about Donald Trump's many potential conflicts of interest. 
March 24, 2017Press Item
Clearly, Chairman Nunes and the Trump White House are scared of what the public might learn, and by canceling a public hearing on Russian involvement in the election they are denying the American people the full scope of information that might come forward.
March 23, 2017Press Item
Well, the bill keeps getting worse and worse and, of course, the deficit reduction the Republicans were claiming has now been halved by the changes they made. 
March 23, 2017Press Item
If Republican leaders were hoping that the Congressional Budget Office’s cost and impact estimate for their amended health care bill would make any Member more likely to support it, I suspect they are now sorely disappointed.
March 23, 2017Press Item
Clearly, they don't have the votes now because the President is working it very hard and the Republican leadership is working very hard, and they are making changes that we are not sure what the changes are.
March 22, 2017Press Item
Today’s actions and statements were inconsistent with Chairman Nunes's obligations to the Intelligence Committee, to the House of Representatives, and, by extension, to the American people. 
March 22, 2017Press Item
Every day now, it seems, we are learning more about ties between Donald Trump and Russia.
March 21, 2017Press Item
The revisions to the Republican health care repeal bill released last night make the legislation even worse. 
March 17, 2017Press Item
This week, House Republicans continued to rush their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act through Congress, so that they can bring it to the Floor next week for a vote.
March 16, 2017Press Item
I’m pleased to call this hearing to order and to be joined at the dais by Ranking Members Pallone, Neal, and Scott – as well as other House Democrats who are deeply engaged in standing up for Americans’ access to quality, affordable health coverage.
March 8, 2017Press Item
The bill that the Republicans have offered will literally have Americans paying more and getting less.
March 7, 2017Press Item
The Republicans released a bill last night. That bill deals with every American’s welfare. Every American’s welfare. 
March 7, 2017Press Item
President Trump promised that Republicans would put forward a plan that would “have insurance for everybody” and that it would be “far less expensive and far better” than it is now.