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July 19, 2017Press Item
Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House, and they have a responsibility to govern and deliver results for the American people. Yet, over halfway through the year, Republicans have no major legislative accomplishments. 
July 17, 2017Press Item
For President Trump to declare this to be 'Made in America' week is the epitome of hypocrisy and seeks to distract from his Administration's lack of an agenda.
June 28, 2017Press Item
President Trump has made a number of promises on health care and claimed that he would protect Medicaid. Unfortunately, he hasn’t kept those promises:
June 12, 2017Press Item
For the past seven years, Republicans have taken a number of steps to undermine the success of health insurance marketplaces. 
June 9, 2017Press Item
This week, House Republicans passed the Wrong Choice Act, which would dismantle consumer protections and allow Wall Street to engage in the same kind of risky practices that led to the financial crisis in 2008. 
June 8, 2017Press Item
I thank the gentlelady for yielding. I rise in opposition to this legislation, which I know does not surprise the Chairman.
June 5, 2017Press Item
With control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, Republicans have a responsibility to lead and get things done on behalf of the American people. 
June 1, 2017Press Item
OMB Director Mulvaney's comments challenging the integrity and expertise of analysts at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office are irresponsible and unacceptable. 
May 24, 2017Press Item
I am very disappointed that Republicans’ willful sabotage of our nation’s health care system has led Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City to stop offering insurance plans across parts of Kansas and Missouri. 
May 17, 2017Video
May 17, 2017Press Item
House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released a video today pushing back on Republicans’ misinformation on TrumpCare.
May 16, 2017Press Item
House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released a video today highlighting Americans who are speaking out against TrumpCare in Republican districts across the country.
May 16, 2017Press Item
House Republicans return from the District Work Period today after facing over a week of fierce backlash against TrumpCare. 
May 15, 2017Press Item
Each time I think the President cannot jeopardize American security any further or take his reckless ineptitude to new heights, I am quickly proven wrong. 
May 4, 2017Press Item
I’ve read the bill, but also very importantly, I’ve read the CBO report -- that is the independent congressional advisor on fiscal matters -- and they say premiums are going up 25 to 29% for the average policyholder.
May 4, 2017Press Item
Mr. Speaker, Republicans now control all of our government. Whatever happens to our health care system will be their responsibility.
May 3, 2017Press Item
Republicans now control all the levers of our government.  They will be held responsible for whatever happens to our health care system, including the actions that have already destabilized our health insurance markets since January. 
May 2, 2017Press Item
As House Republican leaders continue to scramble for votes to pass their TrumpCare bill, Speaker Ryan claimed the MacArthur Amendment would keep in place protections for Americans with preexisting conditions:
May 2, 2017Press Item
I am appalled that President Trump tweeted this morning that he wants the government to shut down. Funding our government is not a game, where one side wins and the other side loses.
May 2, 2017Press Item
This week, House Republicans are attempting to bring their TrumpCare bill to the Floor for a vote. 
May 1, 2017Press Item
I strongly urge President Trump to withdraw Mark Green as his nominee for Army Secretary. The civilian leaders the President selects to oversee our military set the tone for the men and women of our Armed Forces and how they are expected to behave.