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July 13, 2017Press Item
The changes that Senator McConnell has made still put at substantial risk millions of people in terms of their health care coverage.
July 13, 2017Press Item
I was deeply saddened to learn today of the passing of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Liu Xiaobo. 
July 12, 2017Press Item
I support the extension of the review period for easing sanctions on the Sudanese government, which has yet to demonstrate fully that humanitarian aid can reach the parts of the country that need it most and that those delivering the aid can do so safely. 
July 11, 2017Press Item
I’m continuing to have conversations with my Republican colleagues regarding the Russia sanctions bill. 
July 10, 2017Press Item
It has been more than three weeks since the Senate, by a vote of 98-2, passed a bipartisan bill imposing tough new sanctions on Russia for its interference in our election.  
June 27, 2017Press Item
I thank the gentleman for yielding, and I want to thank Mr. Royce and Mr. Engel for their leadership.
June 26, 2017Press Item
I am disappointed that the Supreme Court will allow some parts of the President’s dangerous Muslim ban to be enforced while the justices hear arguments against it.  
June 21, 2017Press Item
I want to thank Majority Leader McCarthy for working with me and a bipartisan group of Members to introduce a resolution reaffirming America’s commitment to Article 5’s collective defense provision of the North Atlantic Treaty.
June 20, 2017Press Item
On World Refugee Day, we keep in our thoughts and prayers the millions who have been displaced by war, violence, poverty, or natural disasters, including the many Syrians who have had to flee civil war in their country. 
June 19, 2017Press Item
I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Otto Warmbier today, and my thoughts and prayers are with his family, who have had to endure a painful ordeal these past seventeen months.
June 15, 2017Press Item
“I want to thank the Senate for unanimously passing Senator Graham’s amendment reaffirming America’s commitment to NATO’s Article 5 collective defense agreement. 
June 15, 2017Press Item
If Russian operatives were successful in hacking into servers in thirty-nine states connected to voting systems and elections personnel, we ought to be very concerned about the security of future elections.
June 9, 2017Press Item
I was honored to meet today with recipients of the National Endowment for Democracy award. 
June 9, 2017Press Item
This week, House Republicans passed the Wrong Choice Act, which would dismantle consumer protections and allow Wall Street to engage in the same kind of risky practices that led to the financial crisis in 2008. 
June 7, 2017Press Item
President Trump’s statements to former FBI Director Comey are extremely troubling.  It is imperative that investigators in Congress and with the Justice Department look at all the facts that are presented and ask serious questions about where they lead. 
June 7, 2017Press Item
I join in celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem today.  During the Six-Day War, Israel defeated enemies bent on its destruction, and in the process made the holy city of Jerusalem whole again. 
June 7, 2017Press Item
Last week, President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords, an international agreement signed by nearly 200 countries to combat the effects of climate change. 
June 6, 2017Press Item
Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this resolution, which I’m proud to have introduced along with the Majority Leader, Ranking Member Engel, and Chairman Royce.
June 5, 2017Press Item
With control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, Republicans have a responsibility to lead and get things done on behalf of the American people. 
June 4, 2017Press Item
The British people have now endured multiple terror attacks in a short period, but they continue to face adversity with strength, with perseverance, and with unity.
June 1, 2017Press Item
The announcement of President Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement is a striking abdication of American leadership in the world. It is a dangerous surrender of American strength in foreign affairs, one that empowers other nations and weakens our influence abroad. 
May 31, 2017Press Item
If President Trump withdraws from the Paris climate agreement, he will once again undermine America's global leadership and put national security, our economy, and public health at risk.