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July 19, 2017Press Item
Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House, and they have a responsibility to govern and deliver results for the American people. Yet, over halfway through the year, Republicans have no major legislative accomplishments. 
July 14, 2017Press Item
Today, Democrats and Republicans in the House came together to pass legislation supporting the work of our men and women in uniform. 
July 11, 2017Press Item
I’m continuing to have conversations with my Republican colleagues regarding the Russia sanctions bill. 
June 20, 2017Press Item
There is no reason why the House cannot or should not take action without delay to send the Senate a Russia sanctions bill. 
June 16, 2017Press Item
This week, the House of Representatives came together in unity and bipartisanship following an attack at Wednesday’s practice for the annual Congressional Baseball Game.
June 14, 2017Press Item
My prayers today are with my friend Whip Steve Scalise and with all those who were injured in the shooting this morning, including the U.S. Capitol Police officers who courageously responded and saved lives.  
June 15, 2017Press Item
If Russian operatives were successful in hacking into servers in thirty-nine states connected to voting systems and elections personnel, we ought to be very concerned about the security of future elections.
June 12, 2017Press Item
For the past seven years, Republicans have taken a number of steps to undermine the success of health insurance marketplaces. 
June 9, 2017Press Item
I was honored to meet today with recipients of the National Endowment for Democracy award. 
June 9, 2017Press Item
This week, House Republicans passed the Wrong Choice Act, which would dismantle consumer protections and allow Wall Street to engage in the same kind of risky practices that led to the financial crisis in 2008. 
June 8, 2017Press Item
We need to keep in mind there are really two separate issues here. One is, what did the Russians do, who did they do it with, how were they trying to undermine our democracy and western democracies generally? 
June 9, 2017Press Item
Puerto Ricans will have an opportunity this weekend to choose the future status of their island. 
June 8, 2017Press Item
Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony today was illustrative and alarming. 
June 8, 2017Press Item
Thank you very much Ranking Member Waters who has done such a great job at protecting our consumers and our financial stability. 
June 8, 2017Press Item
I thank the gentlelady for yielding. I rise in opposition to this legislation, which I know does not surprise the Chairman.
June 8, 2017Press Item
Summer here in our nation’s capital comes with a few degrees of certainty. It’s going to be hot and humid. 
June 6, 2017Press Item
Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this resolution, which I’m proud to have introduced along with the Majority Leader, Ranking Member Engel, and Chairman Royce.
June 6, 2017Press Item
The decision by Anthem to withdraw from the health insurance marketplace in Ohio is yet another example of uncertainty created by Republicans driving insurers from the market. 
June 5, 2017Press Item
With control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, Republicans have a responsibility to lead and get things done on behalf of the American people. 
June 1, 2017Press Item
OMB Director Mulvaney's comments challenging the integrity and expertise of analysts at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office are irresponsible and unacceptable. 
May 26, 2017Press Item
As Russia continues its nefarious activities and as we’ve seen terrorist attacks across the continent, I believe it is critical to reassure our European allies that we stand with them,” said Whip Hoyer. 
May 26, 2017Press Item
This week, President Trump released his budget for fiscal year 2018. His proposal makes draconian cuts to programs that help working Americans get ahead in order to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.