Floor Statements

January 6, 2015
Unfortunately, I don't have time to respond to many of the representations that Mr. [Chairman Pete] Sessions made with reference to our economy, but we can all agree that our most important responsibility as Members of the Congress is to grow this economy, create the kinds of jobs that Americans need so that they can succeed and support themselves and their families. 
December 11, 2014
Thank you Mr. Speaker.  Mr. Speaker and Members, ever since the Conference Report was reported out, Leader Pelosi and I have told everyone how objectionable the two provisions that have been described to us are on our side of the aisle. 
December 9, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I rise to express my deep concern about the ongoing situation in South Sudan. 
December 3, 2014
Mr. Speaker, American families and businesses deserve certainty from their tax system. Confidence. Stability.
September 17, 2014
I thank the Gentleman [Ranking Member Adam Smith] for yielding. I thank the Gentleman for his leadership. I thank [Chairman Buck] McKeon for his leadership. We will see today a bipartisan action, a bipartisan action on behalf of America, on behalf of its security, and on behalf of our international partners in confronting terrorism.
September 9, 2014
Mr. Speaker, September should be a particularly important month for this House. It will be a month of contrast. It will be a month in which the American people will be able to see that the Republican message to the American people is ‘you're on your own,’ while Democrats say ‘we're on your side.’
August 1, 2014
Mr. Speaker, House Republicans have taken two bad bills – that fail to meet the challenge of the humanitarian crisis on the border – and made them worse.
August 1, 2014
In today's paper there’s an op-ed , it's written by Mr. McCarthy, the new Majority Leader. In that op-ed he said, quote: ‘I have always believed that you must win the argument before you can win the vote. In Congress, committees act as idea factories for policies from both sides, and as Majority Leader I will commit to the committee process and regular order.’ Apparently he didn't start yesterday doing that, and we don't start today doing that.
July 30, 2014
I thank the Gentlelady [Rep. Slaughter] for yielding, and I rise in opposition to the bill that is before us. It is somewhat ironic that the Republicans want to sue the President for not enforcing a law that they want to repeal. 
July 30, 2014
I congratulate [Rep. Jeff] Miller, the Chairman of the Committee, and [Rep. Mike] Michaud, the Ranking Member, for working together to get this done. Mr. Speaker, this bill is a result of a bipartisan agreement, and while I have some serious concerns about a number of provisions of which I’ll speak, I’m supporting it because it assigns resources to help cut down the waiting times for veterans to get the care they need and that we owe them. That must be our number one goal.
July 25, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I’m not going to ask the Majority Leader any more questions, because I'm not going to get any answers. 
July 25, 2014
It’s always interesting to hear the debate. I wonder if the Gentlelady [Rep. Lynn Jenkins] believes the analogy she made in terms of cost of living applies to the minimum wage as well. If she does, I would ask her to urge her leadership to bring the minimum wage bill to the Floor.
July 24, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I think it appropriate that one of us rise to recognize the sacrifice made by Detective [John] Gibson and Officer [Jacob] Chestnut.
July 23, 2014
Madam Speaker, I rise today alongside my Republican colleague from Illinois, Representative Aaron Schock, who is here to speak about the Full-Service Community Schools Act of 2014, which we will be introducing later today. 
July 17, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I rise in solidarity with our good ally and friend Israel as it defends its people from Hamas' deadly rockets.
July 15, 2014
I rise to speak on this bill but not to offer an amendment. I don't offer an amendment because to offer an amendment I would have to identify an offset within the body of this bill. This bill is deeply and harmfully underfunded. 
June 20, 2014
I thank the Gentleman for yielding. I rise for two reasons. First of all to express my agreement with Mr. [Jim] Moran and with members of the Committee, perhaps on both sides of the aisle, with respect to our continuing Guantanamo policy.
June 12, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this bill, but I am constrained to respond to the remarks, the emotional remarks, the perplexed remarks of the Gentleman who preceded me.
May 30, 2014
Mr. Speaker, first let me briefly say I rise to speak on this bill, which directly impacts our economy, our competitiveness, and our ability to create jobs that pay well and open doors to opportunity.
May 22, 2014
Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to meet with the DREAMers, a number of DREAMers who want to join the Armed Forces of the United States. There is a bill called the ENLIST Act, introduced by one of our Republican Members, that, essentially, says we're going to allow DREAMers to enlist and, through their service, they could establish their path to citizenship.
May 21, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this. I urge my Members to vote against it. I don't know if they will, but I urge them to do so. All of us in this body need to be for accountability. None of us in this body, however, ought to be for turning a civil service system into a patronage system.
May 20, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of this bill, which I am proud to cosponsor, and I thank the Gentlelady from Florida, Congresswoman Wilson, for spearheading this effort.
May 9, 2014
Mr. Speaker, we ought to extend the research and development tax credit to help businesses invest in innovation. But Republicans are asking us to do so without paying for it, which would add $155 billion to the deficit.
May 8, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I rise with a great deal of sadness. We're punting. USA Today said: ‘House action on tax extenders forfeits credibility on deficits and national debt.’ They are right.
May 7, 2014
Mr. Speaker, what a waste of the people's time for Congress to spend this week on politics and not policy. We are about to vote on a resolution that is really a partisan political message.