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July 27, 2017
…Mr. Speaker, there is a lot of disorder in Washington, D.C. there is chaos and conflict and confrontation in the White House. 
July 26, 2017
Thank you very much, Madam Ranking Member, for yielding. Mr. Chairman, Members of the House.
May 3, 2017
Thank you very much. I am pleased to rise in support of this legislation.
April 27, 2017
Nobody believes that the Democrats want to shut down the government, period. That's irrational. 
May 18, 2016
House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) spoke on the House Floor this evening in opposition to an inadequate bill offered by House Republicans to address the Zika crisis, which provides less than a third of the funding requested by President Obama.
February 11, 2016
House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) spoke on the House Floor today in opposition to a Republican bill that intends to further politicize the paying of our nation’s bills and is not a real attempt to address the debt in a responsible way. 
April 15, 2015
The [Oversight and Government Reform Committee] Ranking Member [Elijah Cummings] said this was a bill to solve a nonexistent problem.
December 12, 2012
Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. I thank my friend for yielding. I want to thank the Chairman of the Rules Committee for his efforts as well. Ladies and gentlemen of this House, we talk a lot, correctly, about creating certainty, alleviating uncertainty – alleviating angst among our people and among our economy. We have an opportunity to bring certainty to a large segment of America that they will not receive a tax increase on January 1.
August 2, 2012
“Mr. Speaker, we are now at some point and time going to conclude four weeks in session with little to show for it. Over the past month, the Republican Do-Nothing Congress has continued its relentless pursuit of message over substance.
August 1, 2012
“Designed to fail, that's what this bill is – designed to fail. And, very frankly, you made sure that it was going to fail when you passed the amendment that added the reform bill and this bill together. Designed to fail – how sad.
July 21, 2011
This legislation puts the special interests ahead of the public interest by weakening the entity that shields responsible consumers from financial abuses. Last year, Congress passed an important Wall Street reform bill in order to prevent a job-destroying financial crisis from happening again. And one of the most crucial parts of that bill was the creation of a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a watchdog that would look out for the interests of ordinary Americans who want to sign mortgages, apply for student loans, and start businesses on honest and fair terms. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is empowered to ensure that lenders provide clear, plain-language explanations of loan terms—and to stop the kind of abusive and deceptive loan practices that helped drive our economy off a cliff. If such protections had been in place in the last decade, the odds of a crisis would have been significantly less.
March 10, 2010
Forty five years ago, civil rights activists attempted a march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, to demand that their governor honor their right to vote and their God-given equality.
June 16, 2009
I rise to voice my strong support for final passage of this supplemental appropriations bill.
May 6, 2009
If I were to guess the single most lasting lesson of our economic crisis, and if I were to spell it out in just five words, I would say: this is what debt does.
April 29, 2009
Today, the House has the rare opportunity to set America on a responsible course for the future, a course of lasting, broadly-shared prosperity.
April 29, 2009
I am pleased to be here with the Blue Dog leadership, who supported the budget conference report that passed the House today.
April 2, 2009
Today, with the passage of this budget resolution, the House has the opportunity to set America’s priorities for years to come and build a sustainable, widely-shared recovery.
September 25, 2008
I support this bill for two reasons. First, because it provides essential tax relief to American families and businesses. And second—and just as importantly—because it is paid for.
September 24, 2008
The continuing resolution before us funds the federal government at its current levels through the month of March.
May 21, 2008
Mr. Speaker, I first want to commend Chairman Charlie Rangel and all of the Members of the Ways and Means Committee for their hard work on this very important, far-sighted legislation – the ‘Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act.’
December 18, 2007
Congress is on course to pass a Fiscal Year 2008 Consolidated Appropriations bill that rejects the President’s misguided budget cuts and takes steps to reinvest in the priorities of our nation’s citizens – including those in rural America.
December 12, 2007
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) spoke at a press conference this morning with the Blue Dog Coalition to urge Senate Republicans to join House and Senate Democrats in supporting fiscally responsible AMT legislation.
December 6, 2007
First, let me state the obvious: Without question, the Alternative Minimum Tax is not working as originally intended.