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May 2, 2011
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer is taking on the mantle of deal-maker in the Democratic Caucus, a role that will be highlighted in the upcoming debt limit fight.
April 18, 2011
If you're feeling overwhelmed this Tax Day, you're not alone. The complexity of our tax code isn't just a nuisance for families and businesses -- it's a drag on our entire economy. Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars and more than 225 million collective hours doing their taxes. And each year, there's talk of making our tax code far simpler, talk that rarely goes anywhere. This year, however, there is a real chance that we can turn our overwhelming tax code into a simpler one that unleashes productivity, saves families time and money, helps us create jobs, and reduces the deficit.
April 16, 2011
But there's a paradox to Boehner's success. The speaker hasn't achieved these goals solely because of the 87 GOP freshmen elected last fall. He's pulled it off because in each case, he got help from the Democrats.
April 15, 2011
House Democrats launched a surprise procedural offensive on a budget plan Friday in an effort to put conservative Republicans on the spot – and fell just nine votes of succeeding.
April 15, 2011
When House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) heard Republicans were going to hold a vote on the extremely conservative Republican Study Committee budget, a lightbulb turned on in his head.  
April 4, 2011
Manufacturers continued adding jobs last month as the sector showed momentum largely unhindered—at least for now—by rising oil prices and the Japanese crisis
April 1, 2011
Manufacturing in the U.S. expanded in March at close to the fastest pace in almost seven years, reinforcing signs the industry will propel growth in the world’s largest economy.
March 31, 2011
The Obama administration on Thursday outlined a new approach to medical care that it said could mean higher quality and less risk for patients, while also saving millions of dollars for taxpayers.
March 23, 2011
A year ago, the parents of a little girl in Ohio were worrying that they would soon exceed the lifetime limit on their health insurance. Taylor Wilhite had been diagnosed with leukemia at age 8, and her treatment — rounds of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, long hospital stays — had been stupendously expensive.
March 23, 2011
A year ago this week, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act, or the ACA. The ACA gave families — not insurance companies — the freedom to control their own health care choices. Just a year after it became law, the ACA is making it easier for small businesses in Prince George's County to cover their employees, the law is taking important steps to bring down health care costs, and it's stopping insurance company abuses that bankrupt sick Marylanders or deny them coverage.  
March 16, 2011
Some veteran Republican House members are pushing back against conservative deficit hawks who are pushing for endlessly deep spending cuts, saying the right wing of the party is creating unnecessary divisions for the GOP majority.
March 16, 2011
The House of Representatives passed emergency legislation Tuesday to keep the government funded through mid-April and avoid a shutdown reminiscent of the one Newt Gingrich triggered back in 1995.
March 16, 2011
The House gave grudging approval on Tuesday to a plan to finance the federal government for three more weeks, even as dozens of Republicans broke with their leadership and opposed the stopgap legislation.
March 16, 2011
Defections among rank-and-file House Republicans on the latest short-term U.S. spending bill exposed divisions that may complicate negotiations with Democrats on a broader budget plan.
March 16, 2011
Just 12 months after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law, the American people are enjoying new protections, greater freedoms and lower costs.
March 9, 2011
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday Democrats have come “more than halfway" in negotiations to cut billions of dollars in federal spending this fiscal year — and Republicans have not budged “a single inch.”
March 3, 2011
With a federal budget battle showdown underway, science looks like collateral damage, say former federal officials, with proposed cuts to research that they consider severe. At stake, they warn, is the nation's long-term economic growth.
March 2, 2011
U.S. Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md., 5th) made a quiet but important trip through Charles County last week, spreading the word about the initiative "Make It in America."
February 28, 2011
We’re going to be doing a lot of deficit cutting over the next several years. The country’s future greatness will be shaped by whether we cut wisely or stupidly. So we should probably come up with a few sensible principles to guide us as we cut.
February 23, 2011
The Republican plan to slash government spending by $61bn in 2011 could reduce US economic growth by 1.5 to 2 percentage points in the second and third quarters of the year, a Goldman Sachs economist has warned.
February 18, 2011
Intel Corp., during a visit by President Barack Obama, announced plans to build a $5 billion microprocessor plant in Arizona and hire 4,000 employees in the U.S. this year.
February 18, 2011
President Barack Obama says the U.S. must invest in research and development, science, and especially education — or risk seeing the technological breakthroughs of the future happen in some other country."
February 17, 2011
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Wednesday morning reiterated Democratic arguments against the Republican spending bill for fiscal 2011, and said House Republican rules will ensure nearly $5 trillion in new debt despite the party's claims that it is cutting spending.
February 14, 2011
Today begins the war over E2I2.The great budget battle of Bill Clinton's presidency was waged around a set of initials also inspired by the "Star Wars" character R2D2. Clinton's lieutenants jauntily encapsulated his fight against Republican cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, education and the environment as a defense of M2E2.  
February 14, 2011
As part of a broad effort to promote economic growth, I support a comprehensive review of federal regulations to make them more effective, while protecting the health and safety of the American people.