Fighting to Protect Voting Rights

Voting Rights
Democrats are working to restore voting protections and ensure every American can exercise the right to vote.

Every election, Americans head to the polls to exercise their most fundamental right – the right to vote. Unfortunately, Republicans at the state and federal levels have launched an unprecedented attack on voting rights. Over the past few years, measures have been introduced by Republicans in state legislatures across the country that would make it harder for millions of eligible voters to register or vote. This summer, House Republicans unveiled a funding bill that would shut down the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), which was established by the Help America Vote Act in 2002.  The EAC helps states share and implement best practices in voting technology and provides resources to help protect voter data and keep voting accountable. 

In addition, President Trump continues to make unsubstantiated claims that millions of Americans voted illegally in the last election, and he has launched a commission to suppress voting and exclude millions of eligible voters from casting their ballot.  The commission is led by a state official known for purging voter rolls and making ballot access more restrictive, and one of the first acts of the commission was to demand Americans’ private information, which could be used to intimidate voters and restrict their right to vote.  Already, there have been reports of some voters de-registering in order to protect their personal information from being taken by the Trump Administration.

House Democrats will not stand for these partisan efforts to hinder access to the ballot. In June, House Democrats reintroduced the Voter Empowerment Act in the House of Representatives to ensure equal access to the ballot for every eligible voter by modernizing our voter registration system to help more Americans participate and taking steps to eliminate deceptive practices that deter voters from casting their ballots. House Democrats have also introduced the Voting Rights Advancement Act to restore the voting rights protections struck down by the Supreme Court in the flawed Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder.

Democrats continue to urge House Republican leaders to bring these bills to the Floor so that we can assure all Americans that their right to vote will be protected.

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Today, we mark the one-year anniversary of the Senate passage of a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill.


I think the President, if there is no action in the next few weeks, is going to be impelled by his moral responsibility to act himself.


Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder, which gutted crucial voter protections. 


You know, I'm looked at as a civil leader in the House of Representatives, but I am a militant for civil rights, a militant for voters’ rights, and I have walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with my friend [Rep.] John Lewis and so many people that are here, including [Democratic Leader] Nancy Pelosi and [Rep.] Steve Cohen.


On this day last year, the Supreme Court set back the cause of equal voting rights in America in its terrible decision striking down a key part of the 1964 Voting Rights Act.  In the year since, we’ve seen several Republican-led states impose new voting restrictions.


I was proud to stand with other Congressional leaders today as the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King were posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, America’s highest civilian honor.


Congress has the responsibility to protect every American’s fundamental right to vote,” said Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer. “This law in Arizona, and laws like it, restrict the ability of people to register to vote, and disproportionally affect the poor, young people, and minorities. 


“I am so glad to be here with you to talk about how far we have come along the journey to secure equal voting rights for all Americans – and to rededicate ourselves to the important work of carrying that journey forward.


"I am always pleased to celebrate Black History Month, because it looks back on the extraordinary contributions that have been made by African Americans through the years.


“I join in celebrating Black History Month, which begins tomorrow.


"The surest way to strengthen our system of free and fair elections is for the 113th Congress to pass the Voting Rights Amendments Act, which was introduced with bipartisan support last week, without delay.


"The surest way to strengthen our system of free and fair elections is for the 113th Congress to pass the Voting Right Act Amendments Act, which was introduced with bipartisan support last week, without delay.