Tax and Appropriations

Tax and Appropriations Related
[Republicans] have been kicking the can down the road too often. In September, all 183 Democrats that voted, voted to extend for 90 days the government funding so that we could negotiate and reach agreements.
Mr. Speaker, we are now four months into the fiscal year, and this is our fourth Continuing Resolution.  [Rep. Diaz-Balart] says now is the time to work things out. 
Despite being four months into the fiscal year, Republicans still have not worked with Democrats to reach an agreement to raise the spending caps and fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year. This week, Republicans will put forward yet another Continuing Resolution that kicks the can down the road for a fourth time this fiscal year.
Thank you, Chairman Collins and Ranking Member Slaughter.  I appreciate you holding this hearing today.
Remember when Speaker Ryan believed Congress has a “moral — and legal — obligation to propose and pass budgets?”
Yesterday, Republicans left town after once again kicking the can down the road and failing to address the priorities of the American people.
Thank you very much, Mrs. Lowey. Here we are again, Mr. Speaker.
Hanukkah just came to a close, we are four days from Christmas, and we are nine days from the end of the year. And much of the work this Congress needs to do isn’t done. And so we find ourselves some 36 hours from shutting down our government.
There are a lot of bad headlines for the GOP this morning after they had to postpone the release of their tax bill due to deep disagreements amongst themselves, but they probably really hate this one:
You don’t say… the night before the GOP’s big bill they’re planning to jam through the legislative process comes out and they’re making last minute changes and scrambling for votes?
Before Republicans release their tax bill tomorrow, they might want to take a look at this NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll out today.