Republican Outrages

Republican Outrages Related
It ought to surprise nobody that this Republican Majority has now set the record for running the most closed Congress in our nation’s history.
Mr. Speaker, a moment of silence is not enough.
Just another day in the deeply divided and dysfunctional GOP Majority:
…But President Trump and Congressional Republicans have nothing to tout on infrastructure. No legislation from the White House, no hearings or Committee mark-ups, no action on the Floor.
The non-partisan Concord Coalition has some harsh criticism of the GOP’s rescissions package, a political gimmick which CBO confirmed would amount to $1 billion in savings after Republicans exploded the deficit with their tax law by $1.8 trillion.
Today’s Daily 202 from the Washington Post details a number of ways that President Trump’s policies are doing more harm than good for American workers and leaving the U.S. economy worse off. From forcing small businesses to shut down to raising gas prices and sending jobs overseas,
Friday's analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reveals Republicans' rescission argument for the charade it is.
Guess what Republicans are going to get done this year?
Wanted to be sure you saw this Politico article on what Republicans are trying to do to nutrition assistance programs in this year’s Farm Bill – and why it won’t work.
Today’s first meeting of a new Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform presents a striking image of Republican hypocrisy.
It is fitting that the House Oversight Committee should investigate whether White House personnel were improperly accessing classified materials while holding only interim security clearances.
Today, the President of the United States chose to ignore the serious warnings of the Department of Justice, FBI, and the intelligence community to release a doctored classified memo for the purposes of smearing the law enforcement agencies investigating his campaign.