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I was again shocked and saddened to see an American school subjected to the horrors of gun violence today.  How long before our nation comes together to address this crisis responsibly?
Throughout his career in public service, Rick Nolan has fought for jobs and opportunity for Minnesota workers and their families.
The bill the House passed overwhelmingly today represents the culmination of a serious and careful look by Members on both sides of the aisle at how to reform the way the Congress handles sexual harassment. 
Today, I join in marking the start of Black History Month and in celebrating African American history and culture throughout our country.
For twenty years, Bob Brady has been a champion for Philadelphia in the United States Congress.  I’ve been proud to serve alongside him and call him a friend. 
I was heartbroken to hear that Ed and his young son Michael were killed in a house fire on Friday.
In remembrance of the 11 million victims of the Holocaust, people throughout the world will pause and reflect tomorrow on the darkest period in human history and how it came to be.
This weekend marked one year since President Donald Trump took office.
Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, Leader McConnell, Leader Schumer, Former Speaker Pelosi, Senator Dole, the Senators Dole.
I join in thanking Rep. Bill Shuster for his service to the House of Representatives and to our country.  I’ve been honored to work alongside him and call him a friend these past seventeen years – as well as a Sigma Chi brother. 
I thank the Gentleman for yielding, I thank him for taking this time on the special order because, as an aside, I need to apologize to him for making him wait so long for this special order.
I am disappointed that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chose to reverse the net neutrality rules set by the Obama Administration, which I believe is a costly mistake and unnecessary.