Jobs & Economy

Creating jobs and rebuilding our economy continues to be Democrats’ top priority.  As our economy recovers, Democrats are fighting for middle class families and small businesses.  We are pursuinga Make It In America plan to address today’s economic challenges and opportunities, in order to create the best conditions for American businesses to innovate, manufacture, and create jobs right here at home. This plan focuses on expanding entrepreneurship and innovation, closing the skills gap, building a 21st century infrastructure, and breaking down barriers to manufacturing in the U.S.

When faced with the deepest recession in generations, Democrats passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which gave tax cuts to 95% of American families and created and saved more than 3 million jobs according to non-partisan experts.  Democrats also enacted Wall Street reform legislation that restores common sense rules to protect families and our economy from the excesses of big banks and help prevent a financial collapse from happening again.  This law, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, aims to protect middle class Americans by increasing consumer protections and preventing taxpayers from having to bailout financial institutions. 

Democrats believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and have worked to help them grow and create jobs.  Democrats have passed legislation to prevent multinational corporations from outsourcing jobs overseas, give tax credits to small businesses who hire new employees, restore the flow of credit to small businesses so they can grow and create jobs, and extend the research and development tax credit that encourages innovation and job creation.

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