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While Democrats are focused on ensuring working families can Make It In America, President Trump has failed to take action to create jobs or strengthen our economy.
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Creating jobs and rebuilding our economy continues to be Democrats’ top priority.  Even as our economy recovers, too many Americans are not seeing that recovery in their daily lives. That has to change, and that’s why Democrats are fighting for a better deal for middle class families and small businesses.  We are pursuing a Make It In America plan to address the current economic challenges facing working families by investing in three core areas: education, to ensure all Americans have the skills needed to get good-paying jobs; infrastructure, which will create jobs and better connect communities by repairing roads and bridges and expanding high-speed internet access; and entrepreneurship, to encourage Americans to start their own businesses by streamlining regulations, providing access to affordable health care and retirement savings, and increasing access to credit and loans..

Rather than work with Democrats to build on the economic progress made under the Obama Administration, President Trump has failed to put forward a single jobs bill. He hasn’t taken action to support job creation, and in fact, his budget would slash investments in infrastructure, education, research, and other areas that support job creation. Forecasters have lowered growth estimates; despite promises to the contrary, companies like Ford and Carrier are shipping jobs overseas; and 2017 saw the first four consecutive months since 2012 of the economy adding fewer than 200,000 new private sector jobs.

In contrast, Democrats have a strong record of job creation. In 2009, when faced with the deepest recession in generations, Democrats passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which cut taxes for 95% of American families and led the way to 2,562,000 new private sector jobs by the end of his term.  Democrats also enacted Wall Street reform legislation that restored common sense rules to protect families and our economy from the excesses of big banks and help prevent a financial collapse from happening again.  This law, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, aims to protect middle class Americans by increasing consumer protections and preventing taxpayers from having to bailout financial institutions. Today, Congressional Republicans are undermining the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which works to protect consumers following the financial crisis. Democrats will continue to defend the work of the CFPB as Republicans seek to strip away these protections.

Democrats believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, working to grow and create jobs.  Democrats have pushed for legislation to prevent multinational corporations from outsourcing jobs overseas, while giving tax credits to businesses who hire new employees here in the United States, as well as restore the flow of credit to small businesses so they can grow and create jobs, and extend the research and development tax credit that encourages innovation and job creation.

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This week, President Trump released his fiscal year 2019 budget proposal that sets up our economy to fail and makes it more difficult for middle-class families to get ahead.
For over a year, the American people have been waiting to see President Trump’s infrastructure proposal. After releasing it yesterday, it’s clear the President’s plan is not a serious approach to building the 21st century infrastructure we need to have a strong economy.
The proposal unveiled today by the Trump Administration is not a serious plan to fix crumbling roads, bridges, airports, seaports, and rail networks or to build the twenty-first century infrastructure needed to boost our economy. 
The President’s Budget for 2019 is a case study in Republicans’ reckless deficit expansion.
I’m pleased to be moderating this panel today, titled 'Beyond The Headlines: The American Economy.'
It wasn’t too long ago that President Trump said he would eliminate the nation’s debt in eight years, and during the Obama Administration Speaker Ryan argued to cut spending because the debt will soon “grow to catastrophic levels.” But that was then.
I join in celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the landmark Family and Medical Leave Act.  For a quarter of a century, Americans have been protected from losing their jobs as a result of illness, pregnancy, adoption, or having to care for a loved-one who is sick. 
Today’s dramatic drop in the Dow index of 1,175 points, the worst single-day point drop in its history, reflects a growing concern that the economy cannot keep pace with the promises made by this President and Republicans in Congress.
This morning’s jobs report shows that the work done during the Obama Administration to help the private sector get more Americans back to work continues, if more slowly, under President Trump.
President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address tonight, and as we reflect on his first year in office, it is clear that the Trump presidency has so far been defined by chaos and incompetence.
This weekend marked one year since President Donald Trump took office.