Irrational Republican Sequester

On March 1, irrational spending cuts known as the sequester took effect. These spending cuts will harm our economy, job creation, and our national security, effecting a wide range of areas, including education programs, food safety, small business assistance, critical science research, and the security of our borders.  While Democratic solutions to avert the sequester have been introduced in both the House and the Senate, Republicans continue to refuse to take action.  Every day without an agreement to replace the sequester only fuels greater uncertainty and risk for businesses, markets, and American families who are unable to plan for the future. Congress must work towards a bipartisan and responsible solution that includes both spending cuts and revenues to solve our fiscal crisis. Democrats are committed to averting the Republican-created sequester through a balanced solution that restores our nation’s fiscal sustainability.

Click here to view House Democrats’ alternative to the sequester.

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