Human and Civil Rights

Human and Civil Rights Related
President Trump’s bigoted views against transgender people should not be allowed to drive our defense policies.  
Mr. Speaker, I am saddened and angered that a high school in my district, Great Mills High School in St. Mary's County, was the site of most recent school shooting, of which there have been 17 just since the beginning of this year. Two students were injured; the gunman, also a student, was killed; and an entire community of parents, students, teachers and faculty has been shaken by this violence.
I was appalled and angered to learn of the shooting at Great Mills High School today.
In recent months, we have seen a dramatic and troubling rise in anti-Semitism across the globe. Even more alarming, it has spread after being promoted by leaders of far-right parties.
Today, I stood with thousands of students from the Washington area who walked out and marched for safer schools and action to prevent gun violence. 
The proposals unveiled by the White House today reflect the mistaken view that this is only a problem affecting schools and that arming teachers is an acceptable solution.
I join today in celebrating International Women’s Day and standing in solidarity with women across the country and the world who are fighting to make their voices heard and make a difference for equality.
[Democrats] have been trying to get comprehensive background checks which the overwhelming majority, 97% of the public supports taking steps so everybody has a background check and we can preclude those who are criminals, multiple misdemeanor offenders, people on the terrorist watch list, people with mental health problems from getting guns
I join in celebrating Women’s History Month throughout March, from which we can all draw inspiration as we work together to fight sexism, gender-based violence, and inequality.
With the renaming of Boris Nemtsov Plaza, officials from Vladimir Putin’s Russia will be reminded of the movement for democracy in their country every time they enter or exit their embassy here in Washington.
Public employees deserve to benefit from collective bargaining just as private sector employees do, and I hope the Supreme Court will agree that fair-share fees are necessary to maintain the collective bargaining strength of labor organizations representing public servants. 
I rise in strong opposition to this legislation. In 1990 President George H.W. Bush declared a long overdue independence day for people with disabilities as he signed the historic Americans with Disabilities Act into law.