*Hispanic Heritage Month

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Juan Molano founded Redline Architecture in 2003 and specializes in commercial, professional, and industrial buildings in Laredo and surrounding areas in South Texas. His firm works with government agencies, such as GSA, to utilize LEED and Energy Star to create more environmental and health driven designs.


Nancy Lilly is President and founder of JEM Engineering, a small business which designs and manufactures antennas for the communications industry. Nancy and her husband, launched JEM Engineering in 2001, and together they manage engineering, product development and R&D activities at JEM.


Undoubtedly, the current economic crisis has had very negative effects on the Hispanic community. The overall unemployment rate among Hispanics is 11.3 percent, and among Latino youth, it’s even worse at 19.3 percent. Similarly, Hispanic small businesses have also suffered tremendously.


During Hispanic Heritage Month, we are reminded of the important contributions of the Latino community to our economy while at the same time we reflect on the fact that the Latino community has been one of the hardest hit communities by the recession. Democrats are committed to addressing this challenge by focusing on the Make It In America plan – a plan to support job creation by revitalizing American innovation and industry, rebuilding our communities and investing in education and our workforce.