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The President's action today to decertify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA is unjustified by the facts.

President Trump's speech at the United Nations this morning was a missed opportunity to demonstrate true leadership in securing our nation and protecting our allies.


I am glad that Secretary Tillerson finally decided to host the Community of Democracies meeting in Washington, though his wavering on this decision sent a very dangerous signal about our nation’s commitment to supporting democratic principles, institutions, and norms around the world.


North Korea cannot be permitted to threaten the United States or its neighbors with the world's most dangerous weapons, and I am encouraged that the international community has rallied to make this clear.


These most recent ballistic missile and nuclear tests by North Korea are abhorrent and demand an international response that goes beyond words of condemnation.


North Korea's latest ballistic missile test is a clear provocation and risks destabilizing the entire region. The United States will continue to stand by our allies Japan and the Republic of Korea in a common defense against North Korean aggression.


I am outraged to hear of Hamas's decision to reunite with Iran. This unholy alliance between them stems from a deep hatred of Israel, of America, and of the universal human rights and freedoms that both our nations represent.


Today's terror attack in Barcelona is a tragic reminder that the free nations of the world face a determined and evil foe in those who believe they can spread their ideology through indiscriminate violence and fear.


Reports that Iranian and Russian individuals and entities are trying to find creative ways around US and United Nations restrictions on arms transfers to and from Iran by moving weapons through Syria are deeply alarming. 


I am deeply concerned by Secretary Tillerson’s unwillingness to sign off on the Community of Democracies event that the United States is expected to hold this year.


President Trump had no choice but to sign our bipartisan Russia sanctions bill into law, given the veto-proof majorities with which it passed the House and Senate.