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While diplomacy with our adversaries is fundamental to a smart approach in foreign affairs, it must be carried out wisely and in concert with our allies.
The U.S.-North Korea summit that will begin shortly is an historic opportunity to build a more secure, stable Korean Peninsula and to reassert American leadership in Asia. 
President Trump should not be rewarding Russia while it continues to flaunt international laws and norms, promote aggression against its neighbors, and attempt to interfere in the free elections of democracies, including our own. 
This is a complicated issue not subject to the sort of a meat-ax approach, which we think the President has taken and an issue that could, in fact, start a trade war, which will be bad for consumers, bad for employees, and bad for employers.
Ever since President Harry Truman took the bold step of making America the first nation to recognize the State of Israel in 1948, Democrats have worked to ensure Israel’s security and to maintain the unbreakable bond between the Jewish state and the United States.
I am pleased that Democrats and Republicans were able to come together, as we historically have, to pass a bipartisan defense authorization bill. 
This letter is a sad example of the petulance and shallowness of the foreign policy being pursued by this President.
The Senate Intelligence Committee got it right in validating the intelligence agencies’ conclusions last year that the Russian government sought to help the Trump campaign and hurt the Clinton campaign.
When President Trump ran for office, he promised that he would crack down on China’s unfair practices and take a tough stance against Iran.
Today we have further evidence that the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian election interference was tainted by partisanship.
While I welcome these developments that hold the potential to bring an end to more than six decades of conflict on the Korean peninsula, I urge caution as we continue to gauge whether the Kim regime is serious about rapprochement.