Fiscal Responsibility

Democrats have led the fight to restore fiscal responsibility. President George W. Bush and Congressional Republicans left a record of fiscal recklessness that turned historic budget surpluses into massive deficits by borrowing trillions of dollars to finance two wars while enacting huge tax cuts aimed at the wealthy. Deficits and debt are a serious long term problem that will require tough choices in the years ahead. As Democrats work first to invest in economic recovery and job creation, we are also working to put our country back on a path to a sustainable fiscal outlook.

Unfortunately, House Republicans have repeatedly held our economy hostage to their ideological agenda, whether creating artificial “fiscal cliffs,” shutting down the government, or bringing our nation to the brink of defaulting on its obligations.

Democrats are committed to reducing the deficit in a responsible way. Both parties must work together to strengthen our entitlements; help support job creation; and protect the middle class, seniors and the most vulnerable. To restore our country’s fiscal sustainability, we must adopt a balanced approach that includes both responsible spending cuts and increased revenues. When Democrats controlled Congress, we restored the pay-as-you-go law, which requires Congress to find a dollar of savings for every dollar it spends, and which and helped create budget surpluses under President Clinton.

Fiscal Responsibility Related

This week, the GOP-led House completed a six-week work period, and I am deeply disappointed that House Republicans’ dysfunction prevented the House from getting things done for the American people during that time.


Congress has just seven legislative days to fund the government before the current continuing resolution expires on April 28.


Following the collapse of Republicans’ TrumpCare bill, Democrats stand ready to work with Republicans to improve the Affordable Care Act and ensure access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans.


Today's Congressional Budget Office report on the long-term budget outlook ought to serve as a warning that Congress must work in a bipartisan way to put America's fiscal house in order. 


Last week, President Trump released a budget blueprint for fiscal year 2018 that represents a radical disinvestment in America


I think it's probably the most irresponsible budget I’ve seen and most unrealistic budget I’ve seen, and I doubt very seriously that Republicans on either the Appropriations or the authorizing committees think it can be accomplished or should be accomplished.


While glaringly short on detail, today’s release by the Trump Administration of its discretionary budget proposals makes clear what we suspected to be true: a Trump budget would embark on the most radical disinvestment in America we’ve ever seen.


With the debt limit reinstated at midnight, it is critical that Democrats and Republicans in Congress work together to pass a clean debt limit extension before the Treasury Department’s extraordinary measures are exhausted.


House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) sent a letter today to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) urging Republican leadership to respect the role of the Congressional Budget Office as an independent and nonpartisan arbiter, and urge their members to do the same. 


No matter how Republicans try to spin it, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score released today makes clear that the American people will have to pay more for less under their plan.


The February report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showing a gain of 227,000 private sector jobs last month, is a strong sign that the Obama recovery was a resounding success when it comes to job creation. 


Under the regular order that Speaker Ryan promised would govern the House on his watch, the proper procedure is for a committee markup on major legislation to take place after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has had an opportunity to analyze it and release an estimate of its cost and economic impact.