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Today the House is scheduled to consider under suspension a bill that packages together a six-month extension of authority for the FAA along with several other provisions.


President Trump’s directive to ban transgender Americans who have served and will serve honorably in the military undermines our national security and the values for which U.S. troops risk their lives to defend.


Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this bill. It will not be a controversial bill. It will not make the front page of the paper tomorrow. People will not be seized of this bill passing. But this bill may well have a very great consequence to it and to the efficiency and effectiveness of our federal government.


The bill House Republicans just passed would end overtime pay as American workers know it.


As President Donald Trump focuses on tomorrow’s 100 day benchmark, here’s a quick look at how he little he has achieved in his first 100 days in office.


April 12th marks 100 days of the GOP-controlled 115th Congress. Republicans are the governing party, with majorities in both the House and Senate and control of the White House. Yet their deep division and dysfunction has resulted in chaos, incompetence, and the inability to govern.


Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today.


I rise in opposition to this bill and adopt many of the premises that my friend, Mr. Walz, adopted.


I am pleased to welcome Miss Ojewumi as my guest for tomorrow evening’s joint address to Congress


Thank you [Rep.] Carolyn Maloney for your continued leadership. I am so pleased to be here with Carolyn Maloney from the state of New York, who has been a champion.


Today’s assertion by the White House press secretary that career foreign service officers who disagree with the new administration ought to ‘get with the program or they can go,’ is a deeply disturbing statement that runs counter to our more than century-old tradition of a nonpartisan foreign service. 


Yesterday, President Trump issued an Executive Order. He imposed a hiring freeze on the federal workforce.