Energy and the Environment

Democrats are committed to reducing the cost of gas at the pump now, while investing in the next generation of clean energy jobs and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. To ease the pain at the pump, Democrats are advocating for increasing drilling safely and responsibly and have offered legislation to strongly encourage oil and gas companies to produce on the drilling leases they already have.

Democrats also remain committed to investing in our nation’s clean energy future, while reducing the pollution that causes global warming. By investing in renewable sources of energy and funding research on the next clean technology breakthroughs, Democrats are fighting to not only increase our national security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, but create jobs right here in America.

That is why Democrats are advancing the Make It In America agenda, which includes among other clean energy jobs initiatives a bill to establish a Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Fund. This legislation will help American clean energy technology firms compete and create clean energy jobs.