Disastrous GOP Budget

Republicans’ Flawed Budget Priorities

The Fiscal Year 2015 budget resolution passed by House Republicans is a partisan messaging document that, if implemented, will harm our nation.  It goes well beyond even sequestration’s irrational cuts and slashes investments in areas that help more Americans achieve a secure place in our middle class.  Additionally, Republicans do their best to hide the extent of the damage their drastic budget would cause, relying on gimmicks and fuzzy math, while still not balancing in 10 years.  What is clear is that this budget ends the Medicare guarantee as we know it, turns Medicaid into a block grant, repeals the Affordable Care Act, fails to invest in job creation, and does not include any new revenue.  The Republican budget for Fiscal Year 2015 simply doesn’t add up – and would lead to significant harm for our country.

Earlier this year, President Obama proposed a budget that focused on growth, opportunity, and security.  His budget makes investments that would create jobs, make our private sector more competitive, strengthen our schools and early learning, and pursue greater energy security for the twenty-first century.

I believe that Congress must use our budget process to continue to move closer to the long-term fiscal sustainability that our country needs.  Instead of focusing on partisan messaging, we should make a real effort to achieve balanced deficit savings and invest in the programs that strengthen our economy, grow our middle class, and help more of our businesses and families Make It In America.