President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

2019 Budget
Trump’s budget sets up our economy to fail by bankrupting the country.
On February 12th, the President unveiled his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2019. This budget bankrupts the country – it doesn’t even come close to balancing – and sets our economy up to fail. Budgets are about priorities, and this one makes President Trump’s priorities clear: he does not prioritize fiscal sustainability; middle class workers and their families; investments in our economy; or stable, long-term funding certainty for our military and national security agencies. Middle class Americans should have no doubt, after seeing the tax law and this budget, that President Trump is looking out for the wealthy and not for them. His budget cuts investments in job creation, innovation, infrastructure, medical and scientific research, nutrition assistance, and law enforcement. It embraces TrumpCare, kicking millions of Americans off coverage and increasing costs for millions more. It also pursues deep cuts to Medicaid, putting care at risk for seniors in nursing homes, children with disabilities, and low-income families. This is an inefficient, ineffective, and irresponsible budget that ought to be rejected by the Congress. 
2019 Budget Related
President Trump’s choice of Mick Mulvaney as acting Chief of Staff is a deeply troubling indication that he is choosing confrontation over compromise.
As Congress quickly approaches the December 21st deadline to fund the remainder of government, House Democrats are committed to working on a bipartisan basis to avoid another Trump shutdown.
...The Republicans control the House, and they control the Senate. They could pass [legislation to fund government]. 
Two days ago, President Trump said he would “have [border wall funding] passed in two seconds” in the House. But a look at this morning’s headlines shows that House Republican leaders don’t actually have the votes:
With 10 days left until the December 21 funding deadline, President Trump isn’t working across the aisle to keep government open. Instead, he’s declaring to the American people that he would be proud to shut it down if he doesn’t get his way:
The President has said last year, he's repeated this year, and he repeated three times today how he would be proud to shut down the government, that he was looking forward to, and he would shut down the government. 
We all know President Trump loves to look at his own press coverage, but after declaring how proud he would be to shut down the government on national TV today, the headlines are pretty damning:  
We can pass [the Senate] bill [to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation].
This afternoon, the House passed legislation to fund for the next fiscal year our military and critical programs that safeguard our nation’s health, educate our people, and protect our workers. 
In case you missed it: President Trump once again advocated for shutting down the government.
Today, Democrats and Republicans in the House came together to fund our military for the next year, a sign of our common commitment to a strong national defense. 
Right now, the Budget Committee is marking up their budget – the one that Republicans are already saying will have a “short life span.”