2016 House GOP Budget

The Fiscal Year 2016 budget resolution introduced by House Republicans is an unrealistic, unworkable messaging document that, if implemented, will disinvest in our nation’s future and harm our economy.  It goes well beyond even sequestration’s irrational cuts, slashing critical investments in areas that help hardworking Americans access economic opportunities, like owning a home, sending their kids to college, and having a secure retirement.  Additionally, Republicans do their best to hide the extent of the damage their drastic budget cuts would cause, relying on gimmicks, magic asterisks, and fuzzy math in order to appear to balance in 9 years.  What is clear is that this budget ends the Medicare guarantee as we know it, repeals the Affordable Care Act, fails to invest in job creation, and asks the most vulnerable Americans to carry the burden of deficit reduction.  The Republican budget for Fiscal Year 2016 simply doesn’t add up – and would lead to significant harm for our country.

Earlier this year, President Obama proposed a budget that focused on growth, opportunity, security, and fiscal responsibility.  His proposal builds on the strength of our economic recovery to make smart investments that will increase our nation’s competitiveness, while ensuring that working families share in the benefits of the recovery. House Democrats have also introduced a responsible alternative to Republicans’ partisan proposal that replaces both sides of the dangerous sequester with commonsense investments in a fiscally sustainable way so that we can drive our economy forward and ensure hardworking Americans can provide for themselves and their families. 

Congress should use the budget process to continue to move closer to the long-term fiscal responsibility and investment in our future that our country needs.  

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