Hoyer Discusses Verdict on Charlie Rangel Investigation on CNN

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... >> all right. the punishment is a 9 to 1 vote for censure for charlie rangel and restitution for taxes that were not paid earlier in connection to the properties, 9 to 1 and he has been censured by the committee and the vote goes to the full house of representatives. let's talk about this and for the with the house majority leader congressman steny hoyer of maryland joining me in the questioning of the chief political correspondent candy crowley, and host of the ""state of the union"" and also our political correspondent gloria borger. mr. leader, was charlie rangel fairly treated? >> well, the important thing is that the ethics process worked. charlie rangel is obviously a popular member of the house, and a powerful member of the house. certain facts were elicited. the committee considered them. and obviously, they have come out with a judgment. first, that he was involved in the allegations that were alleged and secondly, with the recommendation for action by the full house. so, the ethics committee process worked. that is what i think that the american public would be pleased with that. i think it is a sad day for mr. rangel who has served very honorably in the house of representatives and a hero in korea, and has fought for his country in battle. but this is a sad day for him. but it was an appropriate action by the ethics committee, in the sense that they found violations, and they took the action they deemed to be appropriate. the house will now consider it. >> some of the other punishments could have been a reprimand, the censure which is what he got or expulsion from the house of representatives which he is obviously not going to get. when we hear that he has been censured, what does that mean? >> well, ens essentially that the house of representatives have found that he has violated the rules of the house. he has brought the house by his actions into disrepute, and that he needs to come to the floor and apologize on the floor and take responsibilities for those acts. it is not expulsion and i did not expect expulsion, obviously, with an overwhelming vote the committee believed that this was the appropriate disposition and the house will now consider that. >> let's move on and talk about some of the other issues that you are dealing with right now, but i want you to elaborate earlier in the day you really slapped the republican leadership for postponing what was supposed to be happening right nnow, a meeting and dinne with the president of the united states at the white house which has been postponed november 30th after the thanksgiving holiday and recess. tell us why you are upset about that republican decision? >> well, i was surprised at that decision. as i said the other day, i cannot remember an instance when either ronald reagan or george bush the first as i call him or george bush the second, the three republicans invited me to come to the white house with other members that i didn't accommodate my schedule to the president's schedule that. shows respect, and it also shows a willingness to work together with the individual like the president of all of the people and the representatives of the people in congress. i was very surprised that they did not respond to that. as you know, he did meet with the democrats this afternoon. i think that it would have been helpful to have the republican leadership there as well to discuss how we go forward. while the leadership of the congress has changed, at least in the house of representatives, in terms of the relative positions that we have, the challenges con fronting our country have not changed, and the american people want us to find common ground on which we can meet those challenges and make this economy better and create jobs and frankly, meet the fiscal challenge that con fronts us as well. so, i was disappointment. >> congressman, it is gloria borger. >> hi, gloria. >> do you think then to put it bluntly, they were snubbing the president? >> i certainly think that is the way it looks. it is unfortunate. president bush invited speaker pelosi and me down and she was not the speaker nor was i the leader and two days later he invited us to lunch in '06 and we won't down to cordial lunch. >> why would they snub the president? >> well, you have to ask them, but when mr. o'connell says that his mission is to ensure that president obama does not have a second term, and if that is the focus of the republican party, the american people are going to be disappointed. what they want the focus on is ...