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September 13, 2013

A look at headlines across the country reveals that the pain of the irrational cuts from the sequester continue to be felt across the country:

September 11, 2013

Pretty sure House Republicans aren’t wild about this afternoon’s headlines.  After yanking their partisan continuing resolution that continues the sequester and defunds the Affordable Care Act from the Floor schedule after failing to earn enough GOP support, the press went to town highlighting the GOP dysfunction.  

September 11, 2013

Even as they put forward legislation to continue the irrational sequester and defund the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans still can’t stop fighting amongst themselves. 

September 5, 2013

Another week, and even more examples of how of the reckless sequester cuts are hurting our nation:

September 3, 2013

ICYMI, USA Today weighed in on the GOP’s dangerous debt ceiling games:

August 30, 2013

Another day, and more stories about the harm the sequester is causing our country.  

August 29, 2013

A day after we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, we wanted to make sure you saw this USA Today editorial about the importance of protecting Americans’ fundamental right to vote. 

August 29, 2013

We’re not the only ones opposing Speaker Boehner’s reckless tactic to hold our nation’s creditworthiness hostage as Republicans prepare to play political games with the debt limit.

August 28, 2013

Despite warnings from economists, House Republicans are once again ready to play games with our nation’s debt limit and risk yet another credit downgrade. Looks like old habits die hard. 

August 19, 2013

Another day, another story on the  negative impact of the sequester. 

August 16, 2013

We’ve already passed along news about how the sequester is hurting public defenders, but this week, the top federal judges in 49 states warned that in addition to slowing down the courts’ process and justice system, the impacts of the sequester will extend beyond the courts and weaken public safety in cities around the country.  

August 14, 2013

While Republicans are back home talking about their efforts to replace the sequester, wait, no – explaining why they have refused to consider legislation to replace the entire sequester, the Huffington Post detailed today the destructive effects of these across-the-board cuts on critical health and science research that could save lives. 

July 31, 2013

After the activity on the House Floor today (pulling THUD, pulling 3 suspension bills – all because they don’t have the votes), we thought we’d help the headline writers out:

July 31, 2013

It’s the last week before the August district work period, and Republican dysfunction is on full display. 

July 26, 2013

As the irrational, Republican policy of sequester continues, more news this morning about the consequences of leaving this senseless policy in place without a balanced alternative to replace it. 

July 24, 2013

We guess we shouldn’t be shocked at this point: despite numerous warnings about the possible harm to our economy, businesses, and families, Republicans still are willing to play games with the debt ceiling.

July 23, 2013

With House Republicans heading into the August district work period with no accomplishments to tout, it isn’t surprising they’ve been given a recess packet with plenty of rhetoric and no substance. 

July 23, 2013

Unfortunately, Republicans appear to be unable – or unwilling – to learn from the past.  Despite the risk that comes with playing games with our country’s economy, several Republicans are indicating they want to threaten a government shutdown in order to repeal the Affordable Care Act:  

July 23, 2013

A scathing analysis in POLITICO this morning details many of the flaws in House Republicans’ harmful budget strategy, from the lack of progress on appropriations to the extreme cuts to domestic programs.  

July 22, 2013

While House Republicans aren’t taking any action to stop the sequester’s reckless, across-the-board cuts, its impact continues to spread. With just two legislative weeks left until the August district work period – and only two full legislative weeks in September – time is short for action.  

July 12, 2013

This week, furloughs caused by the sequester went into effect for the civilian employees at the Department of Defense, forcing these middle-class workers, who help keep our nation safe and assist our war-fighters, to accept a 20 percent pay cut.  Unfortunately, they aren’t the only victims of the sequester.

July 8, 2013

As Congress returns to session this week, the hard-working civilians in the Department of Defense who keep our country safe are facing the beginning of furloughs as a result of the sequester.

July 8, 2013

First week back from the 4th of July district work period, and what are Republicans doing?

July 3, 2013

For those who were impressed with the Republican-led 112th Congress’s unchallenged record as the least productive ever, prepare to be underwhelmed even more

July 2, 2013

The ball is in Speaker Boehner's court for the Republican-led House to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and the pressure is on. The latest to pile on: Gov. Jeb Bush. The former Florida Governor penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, pleading for his party to get their act together, work with House Democrats, and pass comprehensive immigration reform. From Gov. Bush:

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