On WUSA 9 News Discussing the ADA Act of 2007

where they are discriminated against because of their disabilities but then are told they can't sue because they aren't disabled enough. >> we intended that the definitions be interpreted broadly to give the most opportunity and access to those with disabilities. >> reporter: house majority leader steny Hoyer is leading the charge for change. on thursday he'll introduce new legislation to restore the bill to its initial focus. that can't come soon enough for joanne oh connor. >> i don't want -- o'connor. >> i don't want anyone to limit me based on a diagnosis. >> reporter: lesli foster, 9news now. >> while the ada did create some pop change, advocates say it's done very little to advance employment. the national organization on disabilities says there are 22.4 million people with disabilities in this country who don't have jobs. and they say two-thirds of them would work if given the chance.