Tax and Appropriations


So much for that whole “read the bill” thing. Apparently Republicans didn’t even make it to page 3 of this week’s bill on regulations (remarkable, considering the text didn’t even start until the bottom of page 2).

From the bill text, which you can view here:

8 (b) DETERMINATION.—The Secretary of Labor shall
9 submit a report to the Director of the Office of Manage
10 ment and Budget when the Secretary determines that the
11 Bureau of Labor Statistics average of monthly employ
12 ment rates for any quarter beginning after the date of the
13 enactment of this Act is equal to or less than 6.0 percent.

You read that right: no regulations until employment is at 6% - ie, unemployment hits 94%.

Note to our Republican friends: maybe you should read your bills before touting them as your big message of the week.