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For Immediate Release: 
March 4, 2011
This week the President signed into law a resolution funding the government for two weeks. As soon as it passed, I called on Republicans to work with us to cut spending and compromise on a long term measure that reduces the deficit while protecting important investments in our future. Democrats agree with Republicans that we need to cut spending, but we must do so in a smart and targeted way. We have met their proposal to cut spending by $100 billion halfway, already cutting $45 billion. In order to reach a compromise, Republicans must abandon their reckless spending proposals that cut investments in our ability to out-educate, out-innovate and out-build our competitors. Their arbitrary spending cuts would harm our economic growth and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs at a time when our economy is still recovering. In the weeks ahead, I will work with Republicans to find common ground to cut spending and invest in our nation’s future. I am hopeful that Republicans will put aside ideology and join us in that effort.
Next week, Republicans will bring two bills to the Floor that would terminate important programs that help keep families in their homes. While there is certainly more work to be done to address the foreclosure crisis, by only offering bills that would terminate programs, Republicans are not putting forward any concrete solutions for how they would replace those programs and help families in need.
Sincerely yours,

Steny H. Hoyer


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