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For Immediate Release: 
February 11, 2011
MESSAGE FROM THE Democratic whip
This week, Republicans did not bring a single bill to the Floor to create jobs or grow the economy— priorities they promised to focus on.  Instead, Republicans held ten hours of debate over whether we should ask committees to review government regulations – a task that Democrats absolutely agree with, which is why committees are already tasked with conducting that oversight. Reviewing regulations so that we end ones that are duplicative or that hinder economic growth is important, while also protecting consumers and the environment.  But I’m disappointed that we spent so much time debating something  we all agree on rather than working to promote job creation.  
Next week, Republicans will bring their spending bill to the Floor that cuts investments in our long term economic growth. While Democrats agree that cutting spending is a necessary part of reducing the deficit, House Republicans have put forward a plan that does not distinguish necessary cuts from long term investments that are critical to creating jobs.  Democrats are focused on making the hard choices to cut spending without cutting investments in our future – like education, research and infrastructure. The Republican spending bill also does not set forward a real plan for how they will reduce the deficit.  President Obama, on the other hand has already proposed a 5-year spending freeze that will save $400 billion, and Democrats are ready to work in a bipartisan way to address the deficit. Next week we will fight for needed investments in our economy and call for a real, serious plan to reduce the deficit.

Sincerely yours,

Steny H. Hoyer


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