Whip Hoyer Presses Leader Cantor on the GOP's Lack of a Jobs Plan in the Weekly Colloquy

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“My friend has been recently quoted; I’m sure, accurately, perhaps, correct me if I’m wrong, in saying that during the first eight months we focused on cuts. And of our cut and grow, and now we need to focus on grow. I would tell my friend, assuming that quote is accurate, that in fact here we are again focused on cut not on grow.

“Clearly, whatever the specific number is, I think that it's frankly not refutable that the investment in advanced manufacturing technology vehicles is, in fact, going to make us more competitive globally. Going to enhance the ability to make it in America; not only succeed in America but to make it, in this case, advanced vehicles which are competitive in the international markets. This is a specific area where we have tried to invest in making sure that we make it, in this case advanced technology vehicles, and I don't believe that the public, and I don't think it's good policy for us to be focused on cutting back on those areas which have the promise of growth and jobs.

“What the President has done is come before us and said, look, here's a jobs bill. We need to build jobs. The overwhelming majority, I’m not going to go through all the polling data, I’m sure my friend has seen it, a recent CNN poll which shows the public by big numbers wants us to focus on creating, building, expanding jobs. And very frankly the public believes that you need to invest to do that, by pretty good numbers. I'm for disciplining spending. I will vote to discipline spending, but I don't think that targeting job creation projects is the way to discipline it when Americans all over this country are really hurting because there are not jobs available for them.”