Whip Hoyer on the House Republican Budget

the gentleman from maryland, the distinguished whip, mr. hoyer. TimeCode: 19:02:28.6 mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman. i listen to the republican comments about this budget and i cannot decide if it is george orrwell or george carol. up is down, down sup, black is TimeCode: 19:02:43.1 white, huge deficit are really savings. my, my, my. mr. speaker it is tempting to focus solely on the numbers. to focus on the fact that in just four short years the republican party has turned a TimeCode: 19:02:57.6 projected 10-year budget surplus of $5.6 trillion in surplus into a projected deficit of $4 trillion. to focus on the fact that this year o.m.b. projects a record budget deficit of $427 billion. TimeCode: 19:03:15.7 it will actual i will be over $500 million. the third record deficit in a row. since 2001 this republican party added more than $2.2 trillion to the national debt, TimeCode: 19:03:31.5 now $8.2 trillion. the republicans will increase the debt ceiling $187 billion this year in this budget. it is temples, mr. speaker, to let this important debate to revolve around numbers. TimeCode: 19:03:48.7 i think the american people want the big picture. here is the unvarnished truth. this budget conference report is the epitomy of unfairness and irresponsibility. this conference report calls TimeCode: 19:04:04.5 for $70 billion in tax cuts with nearly 75% of those tax breaks going to the wealthiest 3% of americans. at the very same time it calls for $10 billion cut to medicaid. TimeCode: 19:04:19.8 now i would presume the 43 people plus heather wilson who signed this letter and said, don't cut medicaid, i would presume all 44 of those republicans will vote no on this budget. TimeCode: 19:04:35.3 we'll see. it calls for cuts to student loans, for examples, pension benefits. i suggest to the majority leader concerned about the vulnerable, those, mr. leader, are the vulnerable. they are let down in this TimeCode: 19:04:51.3 budget. this conference report not only fails to arrest our exploding deficit. it makes it worse. increasing the deficit by some $168 billion over the next five years. while the republican party tries to convince the american TimeCode: 19:05:06.2 people that social security faces an eminent crisis, the republican conference report would spend every last nickel of the social security trust fund. every last nickel. now, let me refer mr. nussle to TimeCode: 19:05:24.6 comments i'm sure are emblazonned on his brain. the congress will protect 100% of the social security and medicare trust funds. period. no speculation. TimeCode: 19:05:38.4 no supposition. no projections. jim nussle, july 11, 2001. the speaker pro tempore: the time of the gentleman is expired. mr. hoyer: i ask for an TimeCode: 19:05:53.5 additional minute. mr. spratt: i yield an additional minute. mr. hoyer: seven times between 1999 and 2001, house republicans voted to protect our social security surplus. they could do it because of the clinton surpluses. they could do it because of the TimeCode: 19:06:09.3 clinton surpluses, but over the last four years when you control this house the president and the senate you couldn't do it. you haven't done it. you have spent every nickel and decimated the lock box. TimeCode: 19:06:24.6 the chairman of the budget committee boldly preclaimed in 2001, again, we will not touch a nickel of social security. he touches every nickel. but what the nation has seen over the last four years is TimeCode: 19:06:40.8 nothing short of full-scale retreat from fiscal responsibility. the imposition of republican policies that will immorally force our children to pay our bills because we're not paying for what we proposed buying TimeCode: 19:06:58.2 tonight. this conference report the is the latest example of that irresponsibility. i urge my colleagues in all good conscience vote no.