Whip Hoyer Discusses President Obama's State of the Union Address on CNBC

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“I think this speech was a call to compete, a call to grow jobs here in America. [House Democrats] have an agenda Make It In America. He talked about manufacturing in America. It's the same deal. We've lost nine million manufacturing jobs, that has shrunk the middle class, its undermined people's opportunities. The President is saying, look, we've got to do better. We've got to bring them home, we've got to have the jobs created here. We've got to expand our own economy and double and triple exports, as he pointed out… I think it was a call to compete, a call to focus on American jobs, and to focus on government policies, dealing with taxation and regulation. That would create an environment that would empower the manufacturing sector and the business sector to expand.”

“Look, we're in this together – business, labor, employees, employers, Congress, private sector – we're in this together. This is one country, we have one objective, to be more successful, grow jobs, get our deficit under control, and make sure that future generations have the kind of quality of life that we've enjoyed. And in order to do that. We're going to have to work together… we ought to look on the positive aspects of the President, I think setting forth an agenda that's an important one for America, growing jobs, getting our fiscal house in order, educating our people, being energy-independent, we can do those and we can do them together.”

“We ought to be honest with one another. And being honest with one another is saying, look, we got a fiscal problem. We have to make investments, we fought two wars, we've given tax cuts, we have a prescription drug bill, we have entitlements, and we need to look at that. Every honest person who looks at it understands we have to get additional revenues, as well as cut both defense and nondefense and get a handle on entitlements, that's what the President is saying, we need to pay our fair share.”