Press Release ● Jobs and Economy
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February 23, 2012
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Katie Grant, 202-225-3130

WASHINGTON, DC - House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) discussed the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee hearing on women's health and Democrats' focus on job creation today on MSNBC Live. See below for excerpts and a link to the video.

Click here to watch the video.  

“I think here we have a perfect example of the Republican Chairman of the Committee wanted to shut out a particular perspective that Sandra represents. And in fact, I believe the overwhelming majority of Americans support. So what is going on today is an opportunity to give that perspective, which was censored and shut out last week, an opportunity to be heard by the American public so they can draw their own conclusions, which is what we ought to be doing in a democracy. To that extent, certainly, that's the politics of America. It is certainly not partisan in the sense that this issue, I think, enjoys overwhelming support among Republicans, independents, and Democrats in terms of making sure that a woman has the option and to ensure her own health and she has the ability to get coverage for a needed health issue.”

“I’m up in New York right now talking about jobs, and literally hundreds of Democratic members around this country are talking about jobs. We just passed a bill last week that the Republicans opposed for a long period of time, ultimately supported, which is designed to spur the economy, to give average working Americans continuation of their tax cuts so they'll have $1,000 extra in their pockets, make sure the unemployed don't get left behind and make sure docs are available to serve seniors. So that has been a great focus over the last three months… the continuing, ongoing focus of our party and of our country and our president is how we grow the economy, create jobs, make sure the American dream is available for our people and that we expand, not contract the middle class.”